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it should be in the Bible, under the Psalms...

Good write-up about the site written by a woman - check it out if you are still skeptical.

Email me at noMarriageSite (at) Yahoo (dot) com if you have any further questions.

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80% of American women develop Postpartum Depression after giving birth. * more on statistics

"Postpartum depression is a common, but frequently unrecognized, devastating mood disorder," says Kathryn Leopold, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics at Albany Medical Center in New York.

Postpartum depression (developed within six weeks of delivery) is severe and long-lasting, with symptoms including:

Anxiety, sadness or despair (constant mental basketcase and bitchy attitude)

Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, especially failure at motherhood (you will be blamed for everything she does wrong)

Loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities (sex stops, constant nagging starts)

Difficulty concentrating or making decisions (similar to mentally retarded child)

Fatigue (did nothing the whole day, yet always tired)

Changes in appetite or sleep (becomes fat, then obese)

Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (completely mentally insane)

The point here is that you don't want women's problems to become your problems.

67% of "women of independent minds" agree that they are mentally messed up. And that's before they give birth and have Postpartum depression on top of their existing mental problems. Truly scary stuff.

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Why men should not marry.

All the older guys I know, guys that are 55 and older are telling me the same story; don't do it. It just turns to crap no matter what you do. They'd rather be independent. At best it's a tedious bore. At worst a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure. The problem is that when you're young, you just naturally fall into this mind set where your whole self image is based on how women regard you, and so you spend all your money and energy trying to make yourself acceptable to them. Then later in life the shine wears off and you finally realize that you've wasted yourself on a bunch of crap.

Children - "the ultimate human experience"

I couldn't even begin to list all of the older folks i know from work or through my family with kids they either don't get along with, are disappointed in, or are so distant as to not even be a factor in each other's lives.

I'm really skeptical about the idea of children as "the ultimate blessing." How many friends do you have with little or no meaningful contact or relationships with their parents?

I would wager the statistic for happy child/parent relations would be as bad, if not worse, than the marriage numbers. Who wants to deal with TWO bitter, unfulfilling relationships?!

Marriage is a sham for men. There is no benefit. If you are about to get married, think it over. Don't let your dick do your thinking for you. Don't let your punch-drunk I'm in love euphoria put you on auto-pilot. You will wake up in a hell of a hangover staring at this woman who will control your life.

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