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and picturesque; I have never had to live there. But so what? One day I will. Until such time, I have to pay for it. How else would someone young, rich and handsome get sex in this city? Yes, yes, I know. Prostitution is obscene, debasing and disgraceful. The point is, so am I.

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Pussy is worthless. Do not chase pussy.

I have noticed that a lot of "get laid fast" type message boards link to my page and I decided to write a short page about the subject.

You need to learn to genially not give a fuck about pussy. It's a hard thing to do because most American men have been conditioned and pussified to do exactly the opposite. All the "get laid fast" tricks will be useless until you learn how not to give a fuck. And once you do, you will not really need any tricks.

It is never worth it to jump through hoops and to put a lot of effort into getting or keeping pussy if all you want is sex. Pussy is NEVER worth a lot of effort. Just do what you want to do with your time. If pussy wants to come along, great. If not, just tell her to get lost. If you can get pussy with very little effort, then great. But if not, pass on her and wait for another woman to come along. Sex is just a commodity. Spend your time and energy on making money, starting a business, or travel.

I would recommend that you listen to Tom Leykis an hour a day for at least a year. Think about it as therapy. In a year you'll either learn how not to give a fuck or you are hopeless.

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Marriage means you become a slave to your job.

Financial stability is the main thing women look for in a man. (If you don't believe it, tell your wife or fiancée that you are going to leave your high-paying job and travel for a few years to help you discover yourself. See how fast she'll dump you).

Raising a family in the US is getting to be ridiculously expensive. Mortgage is $2-4K/month, supporting wife and children is another $2-4K/month. Getting married means that you are committing yourself to 30 years of slavery where your main purpose is to bring home a large paycheck.

We had one kid. Wife stays home, but the kid wears her out. I bust my fucking ASS 60 hrs/week and get no credit. Wife gives me guilt when I don't throw everything down right after work to watch this screaming, annoying fucking kid so she can go out to the gym, or to some restaurant with her friends, or to her sister's house to watch movies.

She gets to take naps during the day when the baby sleeps, and every time I call her on the cell during the day, she is at Starbucks with her Mom or friends. She says that doesn't count as "Her time" because she's with the baby.

I've had enough. I feel so undervalued and OWNED. She is so 'entitled' now it's like 60 (or 70, or 80) hours a week from me is EXPECTED. Being at work from 8-7 counts as my 'social' time, so I am not allowed to have any friends or ever do ANYTHING outside of change FUCKING DIAPERS.

Men are realizing that all the career chasing and overtime they did gave their wives the nice house, new kitchen, big SUV, etc, so she's happy, but left them empty with no satisfaction in life -- just the dreary slavery of the worker drone. Hopefully, they eventually find something that gives their life real

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