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you won't see through their bullshit.

Women are, for the most part, not well suited to accept reality or to think logically. they will approach a situation with their mind already made up, then they will twist and manipulate the information to validate what they're already thinking.

So their views on reality are usually messed up. and their process for arguing/interacting is not based on reality, instead it's based on whatever irrational tools will help them prove their point (screaming, personal attacks, red herrings, etc).

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/manipulation.html


Rachel's (18yo woman) "Perfect Guy" Qualities List.

Rachel at 28yo list

Rachel is a real girl. The list was taken from her website. Rachel is a typical young American woman. Keep in mind that she expects everything on the list simply because she has vagina.

 1. 5'8” and taller

 2. Dark brown hair with brown eyes/blue eyes

 3. Handsome

 4. Muscular

 5. Weight depending on height – not skinny, not fat

 6. Good sense of humor

 7. Dimples

 8. Cute laugh

 9. Sensitive

 10. *Affectionate* in front of friends

 11. Gives me lots of attention

 12. Outgoing

 13. Popular but doesn't know the whole state

 14. Friends with my friends

 15. Nice smile

 16. Straight teeth

 17. No facial or body hair (except legs n under arms)

 18. Pierced ear(s) if any

 19. Not too many tattoos if any

 20. Likes to cuddle

 21. Likes to party

 22. Takes me out

 23. Grabs my hand to hold

 24. Kisses me unexpectedly

 25. Dresses nice (*ABERCROMBIE*) hehe

 26. Has a good job

 27. Tells me he misses me when we're not together

 28. Makes me laugh

 29. Open minded

 30. Polite

 31. Holds doors for me

 32. Opens car doors

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