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 82. Writes me songs/poems

 83. Likes to dance

 84. Has a sexy voice

 85. Cooks for me

 86. Likes to show me off

 87. Calls me or introduces me as his "girlfriend" not "Rachel"

 88. Likes to take pictures

 89. Flirts with me in public and in private

 90. Puts up with my mood swings

 91. Comforts me when I'm sad

 92. Doesn't say “sorry” all the time when it's not needed

 93. Sticks up for me

 94. Likes animals

 95. Sends me flowers for no reason

 96. Ignores my imperfections

 97. Surprises me (good surprises)

 98. Doesn't ever yell at me

 99. Likes picnics

100. Likes to clean

101. First to say I Love You

102. Listens to me

103. Smells good

104. *Doesn't lie*

105. Likes kids

106. Makes me the center of his world

107. Not in trouble with the law

108. Isn't a goody-goody

109. Doesn't stare at other girls

110. Doesn't talk to other girls more than me

111. Doodles our names on paper

112. Likes to draw

113. Leaves notes on my car

114. Let's me go out with him and his friends

115. Will hang out with me and my friends

116. Puts pictures of me in his car and wallet

117. Gets jealous but not too jealous

118. Dependable

119. Doesn't hang up on me

120. Calls me babe, sweetie, etc

121. Calls me cute pet names

122. Isn't conceited

123. Isn't a penny-pincher

124. Likes sports and going to sports events

125. Likes to play board games/video games and lets me win

126. Doesn't play mind games

127. Doesn't just think about sex

128. Cares about world issues

129. Doesn't make me cry

130. Leaves sweet voicemails/text messages on my phone

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