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131. Isn't shy

132. Has hopes, dreams, and wishes

133. Not opinionated

134. Will watch chick flicks even if he doesn't like them

135. Can spell

Here is a typical 28yo American woman's personals ad. Interestingly, the only things she says about herself is that she is lazy, bitchy, ugly, and does not like giving blowjobs.

This is my ideal guy:

1. He has talent I can respect. Either he is a great artist or a musician with his own style or otherwise great at some craft. His talent doesn't follow the herd.

2. If he is not artistic than at least he enjoys the arts, music and books. If he has an interest in anything beyond mindless pop culture, video games and TV, that would be ideal. Not that any of that is too bad, but there is just so much more to life.

3. He has goals, not dreams. He strategizes on how he can realize his goals in light of whatever life has handed him as his fate.

4. He is an animal lover and has compassion for people.

5. He is financially solvent. He doesn't spend money he doesn't have and doesn't try to buy a woman's affection. He plans his livestyle to be uncomplicated and has common sense in regards to what is a wise investment or not.

6. He is not selfish and self-centered.

7. He likes his mom and female siblings and is nice to them.

8. He takes care of his emotional health as well as being conscious of his physical health.

9. He lives to travel and be spontaneous.

10. He is a one woman guy. He is not constantly searching for new ass. He's not an oral freak and wants to be with a girl who isn't into it either. He likes touching, kissing, giving and receiving massages. He knows where tha g-spot is.

11. He likes an independent lady who has her own interests, goals, and ideas and is supportive of her reaching them, as opposed to competing with her or taking no interest.

12. He wants to have a child. Not immediately, but he does see that in his future. He doesn't currently have any.

13. He's never been told by a girlfriend that he needs professional psychological help. If he has, he has gotten it and its been at least 5 years since he's gotten better.

14. He would rather do the right thing than try to get away with something.

15. He was not raised catholic.

16. He can cook and do his own laundry and doesn't expect his girlfriend to do it.

17. He believes in karma.

18. He listens to his inner voice and doesn't deny his real feelings. He can discuss issues and conflicts civily, even though a complete resolution may not come about.

19. He is not looking for a super model, but a real, normal person.

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/perfectguy.html


Enduring The Incessant Whining of Single Females on Valentines Day

So here I am at work listening to the whining of single bitches in my office piss and moan about not being able to find a nice single guy.

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