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THEY are spoiling the market.

So concludes an American friend about Asian women dating Caucasian men.

And this said to me, an Asian who is dating a Caucasian man.

It was hard to miss the irony, but then came her quick clarification.

'I mean the Party Girls,' she says.

Ah, yes, the infamous Sarong Party Girls - boon to Caucasian men who want to sow their wild oats in Asia, and bane to single, white females who find themselves in the midst of the ang mo's Asian playground.

My friend, let's call her Sandy, is smart, svelte, sexy and intelligent.

But, she says, it is impossible to score a decent date in Singapore because her male Caucasian counterparts are busy having their Asian fetishes serviced.

'After all the gushing and fawning by the SPGs, the guys can't deal with anything less,' she laments.

'Their egos are so inflated, they think every girl is dying to rub up against them. And these are guys who probably wouldn't even get a second look back home, sometimes not even a first look.'

I was more surprised at her complaints than I was at being made to feel like a market-spoiling SPG, however briefly.

I thought that Asia being a white man's playground was old news. And I thought everyone was done slamming SPGs.

She wasn't.

'When I got here a year ago, I was really surprised. I thought Singapore, where the women are better educated, would be more like other places I had been, like Australia, New York or Vancouver,' she continues.

'I didn't think it was like Bangkok or Jakarta.'

As a disclaimer, she adds that she is more than open to dating Asian men, though she says they seem to write her off, too.

So, SPGs are back on the hate radar - at least for lonely Sandy.

In fact, her tirade had not ended.

She recounts how an American guy recently told her that he didn't date white women because they require 'too much energy'. He would have to think about what he says and does.

'Right now, he doesn't have to try very hard. He'll have someone else tomorrow. SPGs don't even care what a man looks like, as long as he's white,' she concludes.

UNTIL fairly recently, there weren't that many single Caucasian career women in Singapore, or in Asia for that matter.

More seem to have come, mainly with hopes of fast-tracking their careers, though it doesn't appear to be doing likewise for their private lives.

The topic was dealt with last month in an Asian Wall Street Journal article by Stan Sesser.

In it, he quoted executive Julia Sleva, a 30-something Canadian living in Bangkok.

Apparently, Ms Sleva's on the career superhighway, but her love life moves slower than peak-hour Bangkok traffic.

Most Caucasian men in Bangkok are either married, gay or have a young Thai hanging on their arm, while most Thai men don't date expat women, she complains.

Sesser adds: 'The difficulties of many single white women in Asia are so widespread that counsellors are dealing with it every day.'

It's apparently no different in Singapore.

One British female friend tells me: 'Many Caucasian men arrive as normal human beings and morph into total idiots after sleeping their way around the SPG hangouts.

'They can't go back home and find a woman because it would shatter their illusions of being a sex god.'

Another friend, an Australian, adds: 'Everywhere you look, a white guy is holding an Asian girl's hand. What's left for us?

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