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'Worse yet, after they've had them, the guys want everything small and submissive, and no questions asked.'

WELL, at least it's a consolation that although I'm going out with a Caucasian, Sandy does not consider me an SPG.

I'm different, she says.

'You speak your mind and you are who you want to be; you don't just stand there and take everything,' she says.


I like to think I make my man - whatever colour of the rainbow he happens to be - put in as much energy into our relationship as he would have to with a Caucasian woman.

Perhaps it's because the relationship I'm in has nothing to do with me wanting to find an easy way out of Singapore, or him wanting to find an easy way into me.

Neither has it to do with the colour of our skins.

In fact, I'm surprised that the single, white female doesn't see us - this new breed of Asian women dating white men - as a bigger threat than the fawning, you-are-a-white-god SPG.

Because, if we are both avoiding the same sort of men - those who go through SPGs faster than you can say sarong - then aren't we potentially fighting for the same segment of men left?

That is, white men who don't believe in the 'Asian and therefore easy' myth? White men who - gasp! - go out with a woman because of her character, brains and his interest in her culture?

Whatever the case, I suggest to Sandy that she just ignore the SPGs and their white men.

But she insists that it's not possible, given how SPGs have forced down standards across the board. They give in to their partner's obsessions so easily, the men take women for granted, SPG or otherwise.

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NoMarriage.com Marriage Contract

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Real meaning of words in women's personal ads.

   * Strong woman - Bitch with a severe case of self entitlement.

   * Classy - Bitchy 45 year old real estate agent type.

   * Seeking gentleman - Looking for rich guy who isn't interested in sex.

   * World traveler - would love to go to Europe as long as you're buying.

   * Intelligent - She isn't but thinks she is, and you'd better entertain her.

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