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and dropping ass..."

Woman-speak: "I love you"

English: "You are quite a good fuck, and are solvent. My pussy is yours until something better comes along."

English (alternative): "I want something from you."

Woman-speak: "How thoughful of you!"

English: "Pussy whipped asshole, you are gonna have to do a LOT better than that to get some this year, let alone tonight. Suck up HARDER!"

Woman-speakS: Are you coming to bed now?

English: I'm going to tease you with sex to get you to drop whatever you're doing, come up stairs, and cuddle me, but you're still not getting any pussy.

Woman-speak: "You are not the man I married"

English: "In spite of years of manipulation, ridicule and doing my best to mind fuck you on a daily basis to change you into what I want, you have resisted me. Fuck you, no more sex, get out of my life..."

Woman-speak: "I do"

English: "No more blowjobs"

Woman-speak: "I can't find a good man to marry"

English: "I wasted my life focusing on my hate for men, and now I am fucked, the women's movement has destroyed my life"

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/translation.html


NoMarriage.com excellence awards are given to men who excel at being non-pussified.

First 2006 noMarriage.com excellence award goes to Travis Frey.

Travis Frey is a 33yo married man who worked hard and put together a brilliant marriage contract. At the time of this writing he is being falsely accused of some nonsense like "trying to kidnap his own wife". Read his marriage contract here (a must read).

First 2005 noMarriage.com excellence award goes to Albanian men.

Second 2005 noMarriage.com excellence award goes to Constanta, Romania police department.

CONSTANTA, Romania, Aug. 5 -- Police at a Romanian beach resort want older women banned from topless sunbathing because tourists have been complaining.

"Going topless has its age limit, and old women going topless should understand this," Constanta Police Chief Victor Popescu is quoted as saying by the Web site, Ananova.

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