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Police officers say they get a lot of complaints about women over 60 shucking their tops and they also find the sight ugly.

Officer Ionut Popescu said he likes spotting beautiful young women who have dropped their bras.

"But the irony is that there are more old women going topless. I find it sometimes quite repulsive," he said. "I can understand the idea of wanting to get a uniform tan, but old women should simply give up on it."

Third 2005 noMarriage.com excellence award goes to Welsh ex-miner Clive Worth.

A web dating agency has dumped a 55-year-old male subscriber after he indulged in a five-year debauch which resulted in 100 notches on his bedpost, UK tabloid the Daily Mirror reports.

Llanelli-based former miner Clive Worth arranged 119 dates via D...D...com - most of which ended in rumpy-pumpy. Sadly for Worth, the agency struck him from its books after receiving complaints about his "lack of commitment", even though he appears to suffer no lack of commitment to the cause of getting his end away.

Worth lamented: "I'm gutted about being kicked out. I've done nothing wrong. The agency said they received complaints because women were travelling to meet me and wanted commitment, but I didn't. But it's just that I haven't met the right woman yet."

Worth told the Mirror that he would not take the ban lying down, and pledged to join another agency and continue his tireless quest for Ms Right until he's 80.

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If you are a non-western man and you are thinking about marrying a western woman, read the article below very carefully.

Man prefers jail to wife's nagging

A man sentenced to nine months house arrest begged a judge to jail him instead because he couldn't stand his wife's nagging.

Algerian Ahmed S****, 24, was sentenced to a nine month curfew at home with his Italian wife in Ferrara, northern Italy.

But he went back to court after a week and begged the judge to jail him because he could not bear her nagging.

S**** was sentenced to nine months house arrest after breaching immigration regulations.

But he turned up at his local courtroom and begged to be taken into custody because he said he could no longer stand living with her, and would rather be behind bars, Corriere della Sera reported.

He said: "I need some peace."

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