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a loser, I think you have it all wrong. I am such the winner. It isn’t every day an average guy can make 50,000 people laugh. Thanks to each and every one of you from the heart of my bottom.

Please only bid if you are serious. Or really, really hot.

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Famous quotes about women and marriage

  1. "When a woman becomes a scholar there is usually something wrong with her sexual organs."

     Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. "As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied."

     Oscar Wilde

  3. "Direct thought is not an attribute of feminity. In this, women are now centuries behind man."

     Thomas Edison

  4. "Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote."

     Grover Cleveland, Former US President (1905)

  5. "Show me a woman who doesn't feel guilt and I'll show you a man."

     Erica Jong

  6. "Nature intended women to be our slaves. They are our property."

     Napolean Bonaparte

  7. "Women are nothing but machines for producing children."

     Napolean Bonaparte

  8. "An archaeologist is best husband a woman can have: the older she gets, the more interested he is in her."

     Agatha Christie

  9. "Women are like elephants. Everyone likes to look at them but no-one likes to have to keep one."

     WC Fields

 10. "My wife is the sort of woman who gives necrophillia a bad name."

     Patrick Murray

 11. "Women should be obscene and not heard."

     Groucho Marx

 12. "Women's intuition is the result of millions of years of not thinking."

     Rupert Hughes

 13. "Women: Can't live with them, can't bury them in the back yard without the neighbours seeing."

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