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is 100 lbs overweight often with drugs/alcohol addiction. Some women in this group also evolve into

high-maintenance, demanding, and bitchy over time.

But a lot of these marriages work out well. If both parties continue treating each other well and continue putting some effort into their relationship and appearance, and if the woman does not

evolve into a high-maintenance bitch, then the marriage will probably work out fine. That's a lot of ifs, but at the end a reasonable percentage of these marriages turn out well, which is still a lot better than close to zero percent of good marriages with modern western women as the rest of the book will show.

3. People choosing to live a simple lifestyle. People practicing "simple living" live their lives largely outside the mainstream consumer society. There is a big difference between people choosing to live simple lifestyle and people who are "poor". People choosing simple lifestyle often live below their means and focus on what they consider "qualities of life" issues or other non-material issues that are important to them rather than on accumulation of material wealth.

The “simple living” people are a hard group to define because they come from different backgrounds. Some people in this group are aging hippies, environmentalists, Dean supporters types. Some are

more of survivalists, traditional conservatives, Pat Buchanan types. What they have in common regarding their marriages is that they are not trying to keep up with the Joneses so-to-speak, so they have a lot less financial pressures on their marriages.

Many men in the socialist/Dean supporters part of this group are also unfortunately complete pansies for the lack of a better word. Their wives are "strong feminists" and have complete control of

their relationship, but the men are not necessary unhappy with that, almost in a masochistic way. It's somewhat of a peculiar situation to say the least. But this group is slowly dying. Almost all young "liberal feminists" today end up becoming "modern western women" with a big SUV and all that.

The conservatives and survivalists in this group often overlap with rural and more religious people. Men in this group have a decent chance of having a good marriage if they find the right woman. At

least men in this group are very unlikely to end up with a modern western woman, so in a way they are lucky to avoid the most cancerous (and the largest by far) group of women without even trying.

4. Recent (mostly Hispanic) immigrants.

They were raised in more traditional cultures. You have to look outside the US (and the west) if you want a wife from this culture. There are not many single women immigrants in the US. Almost all

immigrants are single men or families. If you are a normal American guy living in a large metropolitan area marrying a normal college-educated American woman who is looking for the American dream (a nice house, kids, good life), then realistically you probably have over 95% chance of either getting divorced or trapped in a miserable marriage.

Chapter 2

Why marriages to American women fail.

The main reason marriages to American women fail is because American women have completely unrealistic expectations as to what they are going to get out of marriage. When they don't get everything they expect, they decide that men are not doing their jobs, and try to trade up.

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