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Typical American woman is raised to be extremely spoiled and selfcentered. She is raised as a spoiled brat who has spent her entire life either being completely catered to, or otherwise having her every

whim and want fulfilled in the moment. Not bad, but not effective training in weathering problems that arise in every marriage.

When an American woman gets married and has children in her 30s, her life inevitably changes for the worse. She now has a lot more responsibilities and things to worry about. She is getting older and less attractive. She is getting bored with her marriage. American woman will always start resenting her "boring" married life and consequently resenting her "boring" husband.

Other important contributing factors to why marriages fail are women’s depression, psychological disorders, and Postpartum depression (devastating mood disorder many women get after giving birth). 80% of American mothers get at least "short term" form of Postpartum depression. Symptoms of Postpartum depression read like the list of things that are wrong with American women taken from my book and website -anxiety, sadness, despair, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, loss of interest in sex, difficulty concentrating, fatigue for no reason, becoming fat, recurrent thoughts of death or suicide,

etc... See www.nomarriage.com/postpartum_depression.html for more information.

Postpartum depression could be the main reason American women get bored with their marriages. The percentage of women having Postpartum depression is 80%, the same percentages of marriages where men either get divorced or trapped.

Depression is basically a big gray area in medical science. Definition of who is suffering from depression is subjective and arbitrary. I simply do not see how a woman can have the above symptoms for a few weeks after giving birth, and then become magically "normal" the following week when all the underlying reasons for her depression are still there and often get worse.

The reason American women get Postpartum depression is because a woman starts realizing that the baby comes with added stress, time commitments, responsibilities, financial responsibilities, etc... A

woman starts thinking that her previous care-free, responsibilityfree, and stress-free life is over forever. Raising children today is stressful, time-consuming, and costly the first few weeks, the first few months, the first few years, and the next 15+ years.

American women are always told that they are perpetual victims, and everything that is wrong with their lives is men's fault and never their own fault. It is no wonder American women start blaming their

husbands, and making their husbands feel like they are responsible for all the symptoms of her Postpartum depression. So American women transition from seemingly "nice" women to sexless nagging bitches and never look back.

Men go into a marriage with hardly any expectations: "I'm 33, too old to meet girls in bars every weekend, and nothing better is likely to come along. Besides, it will at least get Allison to stop dropping hints about a ring...." He may actually find that the occasional hot meal and regular affection is not so bad.

Women have ridiculously high expectations, dreams and plans: "First we'll have a baby, it will be just SOO kee-yut, I mean Steve would look so adorable as a daddy, then we'll have to buy a nice house

and an SUV for the baby, and I'll ask Steve to sell his motorcycle and stop hanging out with Sid, I mean Sid was probably a lot of fun in college, but he's a little strange and enough is enough..."

Which of the two, Steve or Allison, is being set up for disappointment?

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