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health, and the future health and safety of your kids.

You have a responsibility to avoid women who will make bad wives. That means, avoid all American-raised women. It's each guy's responsibility to find a woman who will make a good mother and who is the best possible choice for HIM, who will make HIM happy.

Carefully examine every woman you date and determine if she will make a good wife as described in chapter 8. Do not marry her if she does not satisfy ALL the requirements for a good wife. It does not matter how attractive she is and how much you "love" her. Do not marry her if she displays clear warning signs of a bad wife described in chapter 8.

Remember that marrying an average American woman means that at best you will have a 5% chance of having a happy marriage (see chapter 1). If you like these odds, go right ahead, just remember that your marriage is almost guaranteed to end in either divorce or you getting yourself trapped.

Foreign women from South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia will make the best wives. Only guys who travel (in other words, guys who are successful and ambitious enough to travel a lot) find these women. But they never, ever go back.

The best way to meet foreign women is to spend time abroad. Another option is to use Internet foreign dating services. I feel that spending time abroad is the better of the two. The next chapter will talk about it in greater length. But your odds of finding a good wife using foreign dating services are still much greater than marrying American woman.

Chapter 7

Travel to Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia at least once a year.

Every American man should try to spend at least one month a year in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia. In one month at either one of these places you'll meet more beautiful and friendly women and have more and better sex than you will for the rest of the year in the US.

Trust me on that. Once you spend a few months in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia, you will realize how ridiculously overpriced and selfish American women really are. You will never consider

marrying American woman after that. Most guys can not stand even dating American women after dating foreign women for a while.

If you don't think you can afford travelling a month or two a year, I suggest you spend less money on dating American women. A month in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia will cost you around $1500 (or less) plus airfare ($500-$700 round-trip from the US if you don't go during the peak tourist season).

Here are some ways you can save money while dating American women:

Did you buy a new car mainly because you thought it would help you attract women? It's costing you $6K+/year and does nothing but attract high-maintenance bitches to you. Get rid of the new car and

buy a 10 year old Honda for under $5K. (I am not at all against buying an expensive car if you can afford it and you want it for yourself. What I am talking about are men who spend 1/4 of their

income on a car they can not afford hoping to impress dates).

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