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Do you take women out to expensive restaurants? Stop. You can save $ thousands a year if you eat at moderately priced restaurants.

Do you buy women drinks in bars? Don't ever do that. That's probably costing you $ thousands of dollars a year as well, and you are actually getting laid less because of that.

Don't buy American women anything beyond token small gifts for birthday, etc. Don't ever pay for American women's shopping sprees and trips (www.noMarriage.com/loser.html).

Don't overspend on prostitutes. Only hire independents and bargain. There is no reason to pay a lot more than $150 in major markets and close to $100 in smaller markets. Prices abroad are even less and

the quality is much better.

Don’t waste money on strippers. Why waste time and money on a woman who teases but does not have sex with you. These suggestions could easily save you an additional $5-$15 thousand a year. Save the money, then use your vacation or take some unpaid time off work and head abroad.

I started www.SingleAbroad.com as a comprehensive resource for men interested in traveling and meeting local women abroad. Email me at noMarriageSite@yahoo.com if you did not get SingleAbroad.com membership with No Marriage purchase and you can join SingleAbroad.com for half price ($5 over 2 years instead of $10).

Chapter 8

Will your girlfriend be a good wife?

It is very important to understand that things you are looking for in a “cool” temporary girlfriend and a good wife and mother are completely different things.

An irresponsible and selfish American woman makes a fun temporary girlfriend, but she will make a horrible wife.

Carefully examine your girlfriend and do not marry her unless she satisfies ALL the requirements for a good wife outlined in this chapter. 1. Your girlfriend should only say positive things about you. Let’s look at the letter written by a husband married to a Brazilian wife:

My wife is Brazilian and she’s really supportive, extremely passionate, feminine, truly sweet and caring, and most of all, stands by her man, the old-fashioned way. She is so wonderful. It’s still hard for me to believe how lucky I am.

I have everything a man would love to have from a woman and wife, from loyalty and commitment to a great sex life, and she is a great cook too.

Couldn’t ask for more.

She goes to work and whenever I meet someone working with her they are eager to meet me because of what she tells them about me. Everybody thinks I am the best husband in the world!

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