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And I am just a regular decent average man. Not ugly, not handsome, not a devil, not an angel.

I don’t have to prove anything to her, the way “sadly” most men have to prove every little thing to their American wives.

My wife and I laugh, or feel sad about all the crap her American coworkers tell her to "teach her how to deal with a man like me". Just selfish and worthless abusive advice.

If your girlfriend ever says anything negative about you to anybody, that’s a 100% guarantee that you are already not meeting her expectations. After marriage that will result in her nagging and bitching, and denying you sex.

Here are things American women usually complain about their boyfriends:

He is cheap. Does not take me to nice places often enough.

He does not pay me enough attention.

He does not spend enough time with me. Spends too much time with his friends, etc...

All these things indicate that your girlfriend is basically using you, by putting her interests above your interests.

How do you find out if your girlfriend is telling her friends only good things about you? Her friends will always be very nice to you. In fact, they’ll be complimenting you and telling you things like “Your

girlfriend has been saying so many nice things about you" whenever you meet them.

2. Your girlfriend should never say/think anything negative about men. You are a man. If your girlfriend does not like men, she will end up not liking you. In the US high schools and colleges teach women to blame men for everything. It is drilled into them every hour of every day, for years. The majority of American women end up not liking men by the time they graduate from college. Liking someone is a basic requirement for a successful marriage.

Furthermore, women raised by single mothers usually don’t like their fathers, because their mothers were always telling them how “awful” their fathers were (and yet these same mothers chose to have their child with this “awful” man).

Their negative attitudes towards their father will evolve into negative attitudes towards men in general and you in particular.

It’s pretty easy to figure out when a woman does not like men. Does she ever say something like "men are pigs" or blames men for any of her or society problems?

You’ve got your answer.

If you’re going to live with a woman, it is incredibly unpleasant, not to mention unhealthy, to be with a woman who basically dislikes you as a man, and whose underlying belief system is anti-male.

No matter how much she claims to "like men" you’ll find that it is a thin veneer. In times of stress and

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