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danger, she will revert. At the exact moment that you most need her trust, she will explode and attack

you. Is that the kind of life you want?

Also, there will arise a huge difference in your views. Because she is starting with the assumption that men are jerks, when she makes even the slightest effort to be nice to you, she will view this as a huge

concession on her part. She’ll think "wow, was I ever nice to him" just because she was moderately pleasant one day.

Also, she’ll view ANY mistake on your part to be a HUGE OFFENSE.

You, on the other hand, will see her constant anti-male bias as a big drain on you. It will be a constant irritation. When she does little nice things for you, you’ll view them as nowhere near enough to compensate for the constant underlying hostility. At the same time, when you make minor mistakes...which you will expect to be forgiven for immediately...you will be shocked by her overboard anger.

She will constantly be on your case. Every good thing you do will barely be acknowledged. Every bad thing you do, no matter how insignificant, will be a reason for a total blowup to her. She will

make some minor little friendly gestures, and then get all selfrighteous when you do not kiss her feet in gratitude.

3. Your girlfriend should never use sex as a weapon. Sex is usually the best for a few months after you first meet a woman, and goes downhill from there.

A woman that uses sex as a weapon is:

1. manipulative

2. has no respect for you as a man

3. thinks she is doing you a favor when having sex

Most American women view sex as a reward they give men. That will lead to less frequent sex and no sex soon after you get married.

Never marry a woman who is sexually demanding in terms of your performance, who withholds sex on a regular basis on the grounds of headache or disinclination, or thinks she has a "right" to anything in

particular sexually --who, for example, will refuse you sex or make you keep doing things in bed on the grounds that you didn’t get her off the last time.

You are going to get older and fatter and her libido is going to go off a cliff as she gets older and has kids. If she is even slightly hard to deal with sexually now (in terms of giving it up, or in terms

of demanding things from you now) she is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to deal with five years after marriage. You WILL have a sexless marriage.

4. Your girlfriend should not have negative attitude towards traditional women’s responsibilities.

Cooking, cleaning, mothering, wants kids, loves kids, loyal, trustworthy.

It does not matter if she will not be doing much cooking or cleaning after marriage.

What is important is that the wife does not have a negative attitude towards doing these things. Any trace of snobbery at doing traditional female tasks is a very bad sign of a princess.

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