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5. Your girlfriend should not have any personality disorders. The two most common personality disorders American women have are Histrionic and Narcissistic disorders.

Histrionic disorder: manipulative, attention seekers, dominate the conversation, use grandiose language, seek constant praise, dress provocatively, exaggerate illnesses in order to gain attention,

exaggerate friendships and relationships, believe that everyone loves them.

Narcissistic disorder: self-centered, seek attention and praise, take advantage of people, fantasize about success and power, expect favorable treatment, exaggerate achievements, have difficulty

maintaining long-lasting relationships, expect others to recognize them as being superior.

Many American women also have Dependent, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Borderline disorders. Www.noMarriage.com website has links to additional information about personality disorders.

A woman with personality disorder(s) will make your life a living hell in no time.

6. Your girlfriend should not have a snotty and superior attitude towards anything.

This is a huge red flag that all but guarantees a miserable marriage, and yet very few men pay any attention to it. Any sign of her snootiness and superiority means that she has a “princess” syndrome.

Watch for any signs of superficial and stuck up attitude your girlfriend might have. It does not matter what she feels superior about. In time she will have this attitude towards you. She will always be putting her interests above yours and she’ll start controlling you and play mental games with you.

7. Your girlfriend should be financially responsible. Does your girlfriend regularly shop for expensive shoes and purses? She is probably financially irresponsible.

A great way to determine how good she is with money is her attitude towards engagement rings and wedding ceremonies. You don’t have to plan your own, just talk about the subject in general. Say something like: "This wedding your friends are planning sure is expensive. Wouldn’t it be smarter to spend the $20K on a down-payment on a house?" If her attitude is that the wedding is more important, then it’s a sure indicator that she is selfish and stupid with money.

If you end up buying her engagement ring, buy a very inexpensive one, and tell her you are saving the money to buy a house. Then find out if she told her friends that you bought her a cheap engagement ring.

Get a credit check on her and find out if she has credit card debt or any negative points in her credit record. Financially irresponsible woman will always overspend. After you are married you’ll be slaving

away for the rest of your life to support your wife’s ever increasing wants.

8. Your girlfriend should not try to prove anything to you and be preoccupied with fairness. US high schools and colleges also teach women that they always have to prove themselves since they are women. That mentality will lead to constant confrontations and resentment after you get married. Imagine coming home every day after work and your wife wants to prove to you

she is right whenever you have any minor disagreement or even discussion. And if you disagree, she will continue trying to prove that she is right even if it obvious that she is wrong.

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