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You will never win any arguments, because she is more interested in proving to you that she is always right, than in solving a disagreement in good faith. You will always end up reluctantly

agreeing with her, and start building resentment towards her.

No woman with strong feminist leanings will EVER be happy with the breakdown of tasks in the household. She will ALWAYS be preoccupied with fairness and feel that she is always being taken advantage of.

9. Your girlfriend should never try to control or change you. It’s your responsibility to find a woman who is the best possible choice for YOU. She has to like you the way you are. You like to watch

football, she should never ask you not to watch football; you like to go out with friends, she should never ask you not to. She should never complain about your appearance, or even care too much about it.

If your girlfriend is controlling, it will always get much worse after marriage. She will try to take complete control of what you do and will make your life miserable.

10. Your girlfriend should never lay guilt on you and play mind games with you.

Laying guilt and playing mind games is very common with American women.

American women are, for the most part, not well suited to accept reality or to think logically. They will approach a situation with their mind already made up. Then they will twist and manipulate the

information to validate what they’re already thinking.

So their views on reality are usually messed up. And their process for arguing/interacting is not based on reality. Instead it’s based on whatever irrational tools will help them prove their point (screaming,

personal attacks, red herrings, etc).


The key is to marry a woman who isn’t going to be SO MUCH DAMNED WORK.

It’s like swimming. Yes, I like to swim and I’m a good swimmer. Does that mean that I’ll choose to jump in a fast-moving river and try to swim upstream? Hell no. That’s just unpleasant. I’d rather pick a nice calm body of water to swim in.

Same with women. Don’t marry a woman who is going to be a huge pain in the ass, constant work, and constantly swimming upstream. Don’t marry a woman who will make it harder than it has to be.

Pick a woman to marry who will be a GOOD WIFE and who KNOWS HOW to be a happy, successful wife, and who KNOWS HOW to help you be a better husband. Pick a woman from a culture that encourages this.

In other words, DON’T marry an American woman. They are much, much harder to be married to, simply because they have been trained to NOT make any effort to be good wives.

They have been trained to focus exclusively on their own needs, and to completely ignore yours. They have been trained in a thousand techniques for making it all "your fault". Not fun. Being married is

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