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damned near impossible anyway. No need to make it harder.

Chapter 9

My girlfriend will not make a good wife. Now what?

The first thing you need to do is to fully accept it. Take your time and let it sink in. It’s a very difficult thing to accept, particularly if you were planning on marrying your girlfriend and spending your life with her. Furthermore, your relationship with

your girlfriend is probably pretty good at the moment, so you don’t see how things will turn for the worse after marriage. You need to understand that the girl you are dating is not a real her. She is just

acting in her dating phase; she is essentially selling herself to you. Your married life will eventually become completely miserable if your girlfriend does not fit all the requirements for a good wife outlined in the previous chapter. Marrying her will ultimately lead to one of

the three outcomes:

1. Losing everything you earned while you were married and probably more.

2. Miserable life of a married trapped husband who would love nothing better than for his wife to go away.

3. You become a pussy/sucker (see next chapter) whose only purpose in life is to bring home a fat paycheck.

If you determined that your girlfriend will not make a good wife and your relationship is serious (she is hinting about marriage and/or children), then you have to get rid of her. Just do it. Don’t worry about her feelings or anybody else’s feeling. You only have one life and you have to worry about the best way to live YOUR life, not the best way to service your girlfriend. Whatever you do, do not move in with her and do not have children with her.

Remember, your health, and the future health and safety of your kids are at stake. You have a responsibility to avoid marrying women who will make bad wives.

Chapter 10

Suckers, Fuckers, and the truth about how American women get married.

Let’s first define a sucker and a fucker.

Sucker -also known as provider, also known as husband – docile schmuck who pays American woman’s bills and does not pester her for sex.

Fucker -a person American woman actually enjoys having sex with.

A fucker and provider can never be the same person. Fucker has to be unpredictable, interesting and exciting. A sucker has to be secure, dependable, and consequently boring. Never, ever forget that. American women do not enjoy having sex with suckers.

Until they are in their late 20s, American women are not really interested in settling down and spend

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