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most of their time with fuckers and temporary suckers (men who take them out on expensive dates but

never get laid).

American women literally separate men they meet into potential suckers and fuckers right after they meet them.

When American woman gets to about 28 she starts fraudulently selling sex, her looks, and her personality, so she can land a permanent sucker (husband).

We have all met these women in their late 20s and 30s who say they now want to “settle down” and find a “good” husband. Those are the women you want to avoid the most. Let’s look at a typical woman like that.

She majors in Liberal Arts where she basically spends four years learning how to hate men (College professors and college courses are openly anti-male). She then moves to a big city, gets a job, and moves in with a female roommate who is even a bigger bitch than she is.

She spends the next 5-10 years going out on dates and practicing using sex to get things from men, watching Friends and other similar shows where every female character is a high-maintenance bitch, and bitching with her friends that she deserves better and all men are jerks.

In her late 20s she realizes that she probably wants a house and children after all. She starts to get increasingly desperate to find a secure sucker whom she expects to work overtime for the next 30 years

so she can live in a big house, have children, and have an option of working part-time or not working at all. All that can only be possible if her husband works overtime.

Her expectations are now completely out of control and she thinks she deserves her husband to be the combination of all the best qualities of all her dates and Friends characters. She was completely

brainwashed and trained to be anti-men and to always be confrontational. Years of being single made her mentally unstable and psychotic. She has spent the last 15+ years practicing using sex to get things from men.

1. Sex before marriage.

American woman is not interested in sex with a sucker, but she pretends that she is until she is married. A woman might even pretend she likes giving him blowjobs until after the wedding day. American

woman simply uses sex as bait (either consciously or unconsciously), and having landed the fish, no longer sees the need to bait the hook.

2. Appearance before marriage.

Appearance is the most rapidly deteriorating asset a woman has. It starts deteriorating in mid twenties and is usually completely gone in her thirties. A single woman looking for a sucker puts a lot of effort

in enhancing her appearance. She will go to a gym and try to stay fit, she will dress sexy, wear push-up bras, have nice long hair, etc…

3. Personality before marriage.

Single American woman looking for a sucker will go to great lengths to come across as “nice” and “caring”. She might even make an effort to show you that she is interested in you. She will usually refrain from too much bitching and nagging until she has her ring and you are trapped.

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