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An American woman basically puts up a "pre-marital dog & pony show" to impress you. She wants to land a stable and secure sucker so she can have her nice house and kids.

After American woman gets married, she no longer has any incentive to have sex, look nice, and act nice.

1. Sex after marriage.

Forget it. Sex with a sucker is boring and unexciting. It does not matter how much romance you put into your relationship. The simple truth is that American woman is bored after a few years of marriage,

and there is nothing you can do about it. The situation is completely pathetic. Five years into her marriage, American woman would rather have sex with anyone but her husband. Expect girls’ nights out and girls’ trips to Vegas and Mexico, where she’ll be banging strangers (married women now cheat as much as men. See statistics on www.noMarriage.com website).

It is all but accepted by society that sex is not an important part of marriage, and the husband is not entitled to as much sex as he wants.

If sex is important to you, then you should re-evaluate if this conventional view that you are not entitled to sex after marriage is acceptable to you.

Foreign women have better sex lives after marriage because they generally do not use sex as a weapon, plus they have a lot less hangups about sex to start out with. American women are raised to always

use sex as a reward for something they get, which is essentially the same as being a prostitute.

Www.nomarriage.com/marriedsex.html webpage has lots of quotes from married American men living sexless lives.

2 Appearance after marriage.

After he is married, a sucker will quickly find out that his wife never really liked gyms and exercise. One day he comes home from a long day at work, and he sees this fat fuck in polyester stretch pants

sitting on a sofa, sucking bonbons and watching Oprah. Dresses forget it, sweatpants are more comfortable. Hair gets cut since long hair is now “too much effort” to maintain.

3. Personality after marriage.

American woman already has a sucker, so she is now free to become the nagging bitch she was raised to be. She is always bored with her married life and tired of responsibilities that come with being

married, and she no longer has any reason to hide it. Expect nagging, bitching and confrontations over small things to become daily occurrences until the life of a sucker is one continuing nag and bitchfest.

You see, once American woman has her house and children, she doesn’t need you any more, except as a meal ticket.

Ask your married friends with children how their wives changed after marriage. Most will eventually admit that their sex lives are now nonexistent, and their wives became nagging bitches who lost all

femininity and no longer even resemble women.

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