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you) are largely a waste of time. They will talk and talk and talk with you. They will sympathize and intellectualize. But in the end, you’ll find that there was no real conclusion. They talked so much, they managed to evade the point.

Here is a list of "bullshit evasion tactics" that American women ALWAYS use in these arguments:

1. The Knee-jerk Insult. "You’re just an asshole. I’m not even going to discuss that" (Why,

because I’m saying something you don’t want to think about? Yeah.)

2. The Standard Feminist Attack. "You’re just a woman hater" (Anybody who criticized the behavior of

women is a woman-hater. Of course, anybody who criticized men’s behavior is...a good citizen).

3. The Manhood Insult. "You probably never get laid" (When she was a girl, she could always

manipulate men by insulting their manhood. Why not try it again...).

4. The Sly implication that you’re a loser. "Wow, you need a girlfriend!" "What’s the matter, still mad at mommy?" (Much easier to attack the other person than to actually discuss the issue)

5. The Big Distraction...Ignore Point and Attack Men on Completely Unrelated Issue.

(This is a favorite of feminists. If you make a criticism of women, they just pop out some completely unrelated and disconnected sideattack against men. Like you say "why do women use Divorce to screw over men?" and she says "Men earn 10% higher salaries in the Coal Mining industry!" If you say "pay attention, talk to me about Divorce Laws!!" she says "Did you know that in Honduras it’s still legal for men to beat their wives?")

Their goal is to evade your point and/or derail the argument, any way possible.

How to talk to modern western women.

I found that by far the best way to discuss relationships with western women is to say something like: “I wish I could grow and have a meaningful relationship with a strong woman like you, but

unfortunately I keep falling in love with foreign women. I just can’t help myself.”

Then use the following suggestions after her replies:

I can only assume you have never been in love.

Yes, I wish I could maintain a relationship. But my love just fades after a few weeks. And you know how it is to be in a loveless relationship.

Well, I can not help it. It is the way my mother raised me. So it is her fault.

I see you have never grown apart from the one you loved.

I wish you would offer me support, not insults. If you want to be more serious, there is a very simple way to address western/foreign women issue. Non-western women were raised in a manner that keeping their husbands happy is one of the main goals in their lives. Western women were raised in

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