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exactly the opposite manner. Any sane man would choose a woman who is going to treat him better, so choosing a non-western woman is the obvious default decision.

A western woman has to explain why you should choose her over a nonwestern woman. If she can not do that (which she can not obviously), then what she thinks and what she wants is irrelevant to you. You do not need to explain or prove anything to her because she offers nothing you want.

Western women ranting about foreign women is nothing more than a nuisance; think of them as homeless women heckling because a Lexus is an ugly color.

Chapter 13

The biggest costs in marriage are initiated by women but have to be paid for by men.

In the 1950s a working man could support a stay-at-home wife and children with one income. Today it is all but impossible. The main reason for it is because the cost of housing and the cost of having

children essentially doubled (adjusted for inflation) when women started working. Housing and children used to take one income, now they take two incomes. That creates an extremely stressful and

difficult situation for married men because women will often choose to work part-time or not work at all after having children. So men now have to work double to compensate for their wives working less.

What makes things even worse is that women initiate the biggest costs in marriage, but men are responsible for paying for them even thought men did not want those things. Women usually want a big house and expensive home improvements. Women also want to have children early (often because of the biological clock). The big house and children happen do be the two biggest costs in marriage. Nothing else even comes close.

A sports car a husband wants costs less than a small bathroom addition.

That makes marriage extremely unattractive for men for economic reasons.

Today’s women have equality and should pay for what they want without expecting to be subsidized by men.

A woman wants a big house. She should pay for the house herself. Her husband would probably be perfectly happy living in a two-bedroom apartment. Why should he be responsible for doubling or tripling his mortgage payment when his wife is the one who wants the house.

A woman wants a $25,000 Corian countertop. She should be responsible for paying all of the $25,000. Why should her husband be responsible for paying even half of the $25,000 if he does not want a new countertop to begin with.

A woman wants to have children because of her biological clock. She should pay for raising them herself. 30-year-old men do not want children. Why are they expected to be financially responsible for

children they did not want to have.

60 Minutes TV show (aired on Oct 10, 2004) had an interesting report on how more and more career women quit workforce after having children. They interviewed a researcher who called couples from 1996

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