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NY Times marriage announcements where both husband and wife had highpowered jobs; and she found out that 85% of these women no longer work 8 years later. They also interviewed the dean of Harvard business schools who said that only 40% of female Harvard MBA graduates work in their child-raising years. The dean then said some nonsense about how companies ought to hold jobs opened for women for 10 years.

This trend is very relevant to you, particularly if you make average (as opposed to way above average) salary. What it means is that there is a very high probability that, regardless of what your GF is saying

now, she will not be working after having children. And since the costs of buying a house and raising children now require two full-time incomes, you will probably have a very hard time (see chapter on

stress below) providing for your wife and children on one salary.

Chapter 14

Men’s responsibility is an obsolete concept.

Three things are always emphasized whenever marriage is discussed today:

1. Men’s responsibilities.

2. Women’s entitlements and women’s best interests.

3. Children’s entitlements and children’s best interests.

Two things are noticeably missing from every discussion – women’s responsibilities and men’s best interests and entitlements. And they are missing for a very good reason -because they do not exist.

American women today do not have responsibilities, and American men today do not have their own best interests. Pay attention to that when you read articles about marriage in newspapers and magazines; not one of them will mention women’s responsibilities or men’s best interests.

Articles about marriage usually try to sell marriage to men using a couple of bogus reasons:

1. Married men live "longer". It used to be somewhat true because married men lived sheltered lives. But it is no longer even true. Married men today still live boring and sheltered lives, but they are

also constantly stresses from working 60-hour weeks and never-ending bitching at home. So men marrying today will live shorter lives (see next chapter).

2. Married men earn more in their lifetimes. That is true, but only because married men are forced to work 60-hour weeks to support their spoiled wives and children, while single men can take it easy, work less, and actually enjoy life rather than living the constant

work/bitch-wife drudgery. The last point actually goes to the very core of why government

supports marriage -married men slaving away at their jobs will pay more in taxes, and married men will finance women's consumption and raising children.

Marriage today is basically a transfer of wealth from men to women (that is the REAL reason women want marriage). A typical marriage -> children -> divorce scenario results in about $200,000-$300,000 in wealth transfer from a man to his ex-wife. Marriage will last for about 5-7 years. A man will typically lose everything he earned in these 5-7 years in divorce. And the man will then be stuck paying

child support for the next 18 years (most of which his ex-wife will spend on herself rather than children). Marriages that do not end in divorce will result in even more transfer of wealth from men to women since men will be spending most of their paycheck on women for the

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