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pressure by nearly 75 per cent.

The normal resting heartbeat on a healthy young person is about 60 beats per minute. However, as they battled to and from work, the volunteers' heartbeats reached peaks of more than double that comparable with the rate during strenuous exercise. Dr Lewis said: "Getting to this rate during physical exercise is good but commuters get this from purely psychological reasons and it puts them at risk

of serious heart problems."

A difficult journey to work and the loss of control felt by the commuter can induce intense feelings of pressure, fast pulse rates

and high blood pressure.

Stress plays a major role in the premature aging of cells, which makes them more vulnerable to disease. Stress appeared to have a major impact at a cellular level — dramatically affecting molecules

that are believed to play a key role in cell aging. Job stress Married men with families to support HAVE to work. They are likely to work longer hours than single men because they need to earn more money in the first place. Working longer hours in itself is more stressful.

Beyond that, employers know that they can delegate married men more things to the point of overworking them and married men are less likely to complain. With a single man there is always a risk he may just say “screw it” and walk away if he is not happy with his work. Married men don’t usually have the option of walking away, they have a mortgage and children to pay for.

Another related aspect of working stress married men have is the ongoing realization that they HAVE to continue working the jobs even if they don’t like them for years or decades to come. It’s basically

the realization that they are not really in control of their lives. A single man who does not like his job usually has options to quit/do something else/move. Married men don’t have this flexibility and often

find themselves in a lose/lose situation. They are screwed if they stop working the job they don’t like, and screwed if they continue.

This ongoing realization that they are trapped for the next 20 years can be very stressful and lead to serious health problems.

Family stress

Married men's family stress is caused by frequent nagging by wives and the overall negative and non-supportive attitude majority of married men are exposed to throughout their lives. Modern western woman often takes pride in not supporting her husband and contributing to his emotional stress. A lot of married men find themselves in a situation where they hate going to work and hate going home.

Stress at home and overworked work schedule also contribute to men's poor eating habits, becoming overweight, and becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs. Being overweight and substance abuse then in turn further contribute to men's health problems, creating somewhat of a negative self-reinforcing cycle.

Men who are not married and do not to have children to support have no real reasons to be stressed. They never have to deal with nagging wives. They don’t have to worry about making mortgage payments on a huge house their wives made them buy. They don’t have a responsibility of paying for children they did not want. They can live within a short commute from their jobs. They don’t even

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