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have to worry about keeping a steady job. A single guy can always start a part-time business that will eventually make him a nice living. It might take a few years, but it’s pretty easy to do if you don’t have a nagging wife who DEMANDS that you always have a secure job and bring home a fat paycheck every two weeks.

Take a look at how married and single men in their mid 30s look. A lot of single men look like they are 25. A lot of married men look like they are 45. What ages their appearance is stress.

I will make a conservative prediction and say that men who marry today will die at least 5 years younger from stress and stress-related problems than men who’ll stay single.

Chapter 16

Western women and their Psychological/Mental problems.

This is a very important issue and something I am currently looking at closer. It is clear that almost all western women have serious psychological/mental problems and are generally unhappy. Non-western women however rarely have these problems, so western women must acquire these problems because of the way they are raised and brought up.

USA today (on 2/15/2005) had an interesting article about the selfesteem bubble American girls are raised with. The self-esteem bubble may help partially explain why western women end up mentally screwed up and damaged goods as potential wives.

The article talks about how schools and parents constantly boost girls’ self-esteem and make girls feel good about themselves. For the first 20+ years of their lives western girls are always told how

wonderful they are even though they may be completely worthless. The end result is that women are raised with a very inflated sense of self and inflated sense of entitlement and expectations.

Later in life the inflated sense of self comes in conflict with reality and women break down psychologically. Women find themselves in various "put up or shut up" type situation and they can not produce.

So women's sense of entitlement, high expectations, and their sense of what they were always told they deserve come in conflict with reality. Woman's lives end up not going as well as their inflated expectations; and that leads to depression and the long list of other serious

psychological problems.

If biologically women were designed to raise children, then they were not designed for a career, any kind of competitive environment, or "succeeding" in general. It does not mean that women can not succeed in a career, but it means that they are not happy while doing it. Yet all western girls today are raised to aspire to succeed, regardless of whether it will make them happy or not.

Non-western women are raised without “success” expectations or even inspirations. Their main inspiration is often to be a “good wife”, so it makes perfect sense that non-western women end up a lot more happy and mentally stable.

Chapter 17

Are you better off living by yourself?

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