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Foro Intergubernamental sobre Seguridad Química

Cuarta reunión – Informe Final del Foro IV


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Latin America and Caribbean Regional Group

Meeting Report

1-7 November 2003

Within the context of the Fourth Session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (Forum IV) held in Bangkok, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Group held several working meetings to address the issues identified as regional priorities and the topics proposed by Forum IV.

The President of IFCS, Dr. Henrique Cavalcanti, and the Vice-President of LAC, Mrs. Mercedes Bolaños, Ecuador,  welcomed the participants to the regional meeting. The latter then made a presentation on IFCS activities and regional IFCS tasks between 2000 and 2003.

The following observations were made concerning revision of the items included on the Agenda for Forum IV:

Protecting Children from Harmful Chemical Exposures (IFCS/FORUM IV/14w): Agreement with and support for the document was reiterated and a request was made to include other vulnerable groups, such as women.

Occupational Safety and Health Issues and the Work of IFCS (IFCS/FORUM IV/08w): It was recommended that the document should be elaborated to include the experience of the WHO/ILO group on the issue. The word “relevant” was considered to be inappropriate and should be deleted and “use without risk” should be replaced with “use with minimal risk”. The right of workers to be informed both in the formal and informal sectors of the economy was stressed. Emphasis should also be placed on training workers so they could protect themselves in the event of exposure to chemicals in the workplace.

In reference to Programme Area A, the Group stressed the importance of combining monitoring and health surveillance in the workplace and proposed the following wording:

“Develop, adopt and improve appropriate measures for monitoring and health surveillance in the workplace”.

In reference to Programme Area C, the following recommendation should be included: “Develop and implement methodologies and analytical capacity for the biological surveillance of chemicals present in the work environment”.

In reference to Programme Area D, include in the second recommendation, “Grant … in the workplace, promoting urgent application of, inter alia, ILO Convention 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour”. The following recommendations should also be included: “Promote specific training (professional training) of persons applying pesticides in rural areas” and “Implement the measures outlined in ILO Convention 169 on the conditions of work in indigenous communities to prevent the use of particularly dangerous pesticides” (Article 3).

In reference to Programme Area E, the following recommendations should be included:

-“Establish integrated training programmes for professionals in government, public health and labour spheres in the area of health care of workers with emphasis on the acknowledgement, assessment and control of occupational chemical risk factors

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