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Foro Intergubernamental sobre Seguridad Química

Cuarta reunión – Informe Final del Foro IV


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as well as of organic and psychiatric disorders caused by exposure to chemicals in agricultural, industrial, commercial and service-related work centres”;

- “Promote an exchange of success stories in the areas of safety and occupational health as they relate to exposure to chemicals in the workplace via publications, Internet, etc.”;

- “ Open channels of international cooperation intended expressly to develop and strengthen national skills in developing countries”.

Hazard Data Generation and Availability (IFCS/FORUM IV/09w): Special emphasis should be placed on making data that is available to the public free of charge and easily accessible.

Acutely Toxic Pesticides: The Rotterdam Convention should be applied to access information and limit category 1a and 1b cases. The use of lower risk pesticides and non-chemical measures should be encouraged, application techniques should be improved, surveillance systems should be designed, it should be mandatory for pesticides to be sold in receptacles adapted to conditions of use and IPM should be implemented.  Appropriate measures should also be taken to handle and dispose of pesticides, receptacles and residues generated throughout their life cycle.

Assistance for Capacity Building (IFCS/FORUM IV/11w): The title of the document should be changed to “Assistance for capacity building and strengthening” and the body of the text under section IV (Councils) should be re-organized so that paragraph B becomes paragraph D, and the necessary changes should be made.

Addressing the Widening Gap among Countries in Following Chemical Safety Policies (IFCS/FORUM IV/12w): It was proposed that the document should include methodology and financial mechanisms to enable developing countries to build capacity in the area of chemicals management.

Information Exchange Network on Capacity Building for the Sound Management of Chemicals (INFOCAP): Focal points should be identified.

IFCS Guidelines and Procedures: Proposed amendments (IFCS/FORUM IV/15w).

Illegal traffic: This is a priority issue for our region and the Forum should continue to address it. It was decided that a relevant working group should be established.


On the subject of elections, the only country that had confirmed its candidature for the post of Vice-President of LAC was Chile. The delegate of Venezuela informed the meeting that he was awaiting confirmation from his country in order to submit its candidature.

The following countries presented their candidatures for posts on the IFCS Standing Committee: Ecuador, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay. Bolivia, Brazil and Costa Rica presented their candidatures for the posts of alternate members.

Election nominations were held on Thursday 6 November.

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