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D a v i d H M S p e c t o r 7 0 7 0 W e s t m o o r l a n d D r i v e Berkeley, CA 94705

voice +1 415.480.0313 v spector@zeitgeist.com v mobile +1 631.827.3132 www.linkedin.com/in/davidhmspector

20 year history of hands-on technology innovation for major financial institutions, technology firms, and startups

Hands-on, in-depth developer & experienced manager. Able to bridge the gap between business needs/goals and technological realities

  • Tech Leader of several startups and due diligence expert called on by several venture capital firms

  • Excellent communicator: columnist and freelance writer for major publications

Summary of Qualifications

  • Active programmer with up-to-date technology expertise, which enables me to take a hands-on approach to problem solving at all levels of a project from planning, to development prioritization and execution

  • Proficient at generating actionable product/services ideas/specifications and instantiate/productize them

  • 15+ years experience developing and managing agile, cohesive development/support teams and delivering product/services on time and on budget while retaining security, scalability and reliability

  • Expert in technology transfer and education of executives and others on technology trends

  • Experienced researcher with in-depth experience in technology due diligence for venture capital firms

  • Hands-on technology innovator with over 20 years of industry experience/connections; able to attract and develop and retain world-class talent

Technical Expertise

  • Active Mac OS X and iPhone developer

  • Expert in C, Objective-C, Java, Ruby/Rails, Perl, and other dynamic/scripting languages as well as Source Code Management systems (RCS, SVN, Git, etc) and multiple development environments

  • Expert in the development/deployment of virtualized services including Amazon EC2/S3

  • Expert in the design and development of advanced web apps/services/systems (client side, server side, CSS/HTML/AJAX, APIs, etc) using Object Oriented analysis and techniques

  • Expert in Unix/Linux development, deployment, integration and support issues

  • 20+ years experience in programming of Unix/Linux, Macintosh Systems

  • 15+ years experience in design and implementation of network security strategies, policies and systems

  • Due-diligence expert called upon by several VCs to analyze potential portfolio companies

  • Expert in the development of Wireless Internet (802.11) infrastructures, systems and services

  • Extra Class Amateur Radio License since 1979, active in emergency services communications and the design of wireless emergency communications systems/networks using voice, digital and satellite technologies

Open Source Contributions

  • RIFE Full-Stack Framework (www.rifers.org) - Documentation and Example Code

  • SourceForge/GNU Savannah/GForge - Portability Patches, documentation

Publications and Speaking/Conference Engagements

(portfolio available on request)

DropZone Networks was the 2004 DEMOMobile wireless startup ;one of the Red Herring “Top100 Startups Linux in the Enterprise columnist at The O’Reilly Network/O’Reilly Media (1999 – 2004) Feature writer and blogger for C|Net’s Tech Republic Freelance writer for WiReD Magazine, InformationWeek, Fortune, and other publications Invited speaker at industry conferences and organizations (802.11 Planet, NYSIA, SIA, etc.)

David HM Spector

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