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10/96 to 1/99 Senior Technologist, Sharp Decisions, Inc., New York

Provided technical expertise and analysis to management in all aspects of contract consulting efforts of multi-million dollar consulting services company. Responsible for the personal care of key financial clients including Citibank and Salomon Brothers including verification of firewall and network security systems & policies; design of on-line applications and conversion of legacy systems to WWW environments. Advisor/Consultant to Sun Microsystems on service-level gap analysis with regard to IBM Global Services US$11B technology outsourcing from Lucent Technologies.

12/95 to 10/96 Vice President, Long Term Advanced Development Group, Citibank, New York

Recruited from J.P. Morgan & Co. to capitalize on Internet and WWW as a delivery mechanism for Citibanking products and services. Proposed utilizing available Internet technology to provide virtual business meeting environments to reduce business travel. Analyzed the business of the consumer bank, recommending ways in which early internet technology could be used to provide consumer information, consumer banking products, and account management remotely to customers. Provided technical expertise to Citibank units on Internet Technology issues.

4/92 to 12/95 Vice President, Internet Services Group, J.P. Morgan & Co., New York

  • In 1991 (while a consultant), brought The Internet into J.P. Morgan as a bank-wide resource for use by developers, support teams, and business units. Created/managed the JP Morgan Internet Services Group that placed the firm as the first money center bank on the Internet.

  • Developed support systems/services that saved the firm over $50MM per year in technology support costs by using the Internet to speed problem resolution with the firm’s thousands of vendors/suppliers.

  • In charge of the infrastructure services group that led the design, implementation and deployment of distributed UNIX systems (C, Shell, Perl, etc) and services strategies for business units at the firm.

  • Provided research funding for and technical expertise and code to UIUC “Mosaic” developers (original Netscape team) on implementation of security system of the original Mosaic application.

  • Led team that delivered firm’s RiskMetrics Value-at-Risk modeling system over the Internet

  • Re-architected firm wide TCP/IP network, replacing business unit level networks with a single, unified, worldwide coordinated network. Improved availability, reliability, and support, resulting in significant reduction in downtime and cost of services.

  • Designed and implemented custom secure firewall systems and associated policies/practices to connect the firm to The Internet and to the networks of clients and business partners.

  • Developed UNIX based electronic mail system that served as message switch for over 14,000 email users worldwide. Replaced multiple incompatible department level mail systems, enabling firm wide electronic communication for the first time.

  • Wrote and contributed to numerous white-papers on various topics ranging from the design of on-line distributed information archives to the development of firm-wide coding standards to ensure software integrity, and portability.

Press Coverage

  • Interviewed for various publications on topics ranging from parallel Linux clusters to wireless network design and deployment.

  • Featured in FORTUNE magazine articles on corporate users of the Internet

  • Featured in Information Week that described my work at JPMorgan as one of the “Internet Pioneers” in getting businesses on the Internet.

  • Featured in various articles regarding my design of the firm’s public Internet services system in The Wall Street Journal, and in industry publications such as Information Week and Communications Week.

  • Profiled in Doing Business on the Internet a book on pioneering Internet users by Dr. Mary Cronin of Boston University (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994)

David HM Spector

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