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Duncan R. Jamieson, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Ashland University,

Ashland, OH  44805

The sources, which include both primary and secondary, are divided into four general categories for the user’s ease.  Following the Chronological Bibliography, the user will find sections devoted to: The International Cycling History Conference; Cycling Periodicals; and Cycle Related Web Sites.

Included in the Chronological Bibliography are primarily narrative accounts of long distance bicycle journeying, along with some novels, several histories and a few guidebooks.  In each instance the books have at least some relevance to the allure of bicycle journeying; while all of the authors demonstrate and interest in the experience, some are more adamant than others, and some write with the intention of encouraging others to journey.  The International Cycling History Conference Proceedings includes the papers presented at these conferences, mostly by people who are passionate about cycling and especially historic bicycles.  The Cycling Periodicals contain articles about journeying as well as magazines devoted to bicycle travel, racing, maintenance, diet, and exercise.  Finally, the Cycle Related Web Sites focus on either books about bicycle journeying or bicycle journeys themselves.

The compiler has made every effort to be as inclusive and as accurate as possible.  As time permitted, he has included brief comments on the works cited.  The opinions presented in italics are those of the compiler, and are provided for your use and direction.  Because this is a “work in progress,” the material will be updated periodically; be sure to check the “last updated” line to determine any changes made.  If you have additions, corrections, and/or comments, please send them to djamieso@ashland.edu.

Copyright © 2012 Duncan R. Jamieson

Last updated 29 February 2012

Chronological Bibliography


Abbot, Newton.  Bicycling 1874: a textbook for early riders.  Devon, England: David and

Charles, 1970 (reprint).  {99063}1

1 This is the OCLC number, included whenever possible to make it easier for the researcher to locate a copy of the document.  The OCLC number is a familiar identifier to librarians, and will be beneficial for those sources that need to be located through Interlibrary Loan.  In some instances there are multiple listings; I have chosen the one I’m familiar with and/or the first edition.  The OCLC number is found on World Cat’s listing of the individual record. It is generally at the bottom of the record, listed as “Accession No: OCLC: 99063”

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