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Books, 1997 (1896). {38198835}

A draper’s assistant (like Wells), Mr. Hoopdriver, takes a cycle holiday in the summer of 1895, during which he meets and rescues the young lady in gray.


Cady, J. Cleveland, “The vacation awheel,” The Outlook, LVI (June 5, 1897), 303-07.

Cady considered himself only an average rider, unable to undertake any long distance

tours.  However, with proper preparation, anyone can travel comfortably and enjoyably

by wheel.

“Cyclomania,” The Living Age, CCXV (November 13, 1897), 470-72.

This article focuses on the negative effects of cycling on one’s health.  It takes an

especially dim view of the scorcher who rides too fast, endangering not only himself but

those around him as well.

Edwardes, Charles. In Jutland with a cycle. London: Chapman and Hall, Ld., 1897.  {19220704}

He rode a Sunbeam on his second visit to Jutland in 1895; on his first in 1892 he toured

on a pair of skates.  Edwardes was especially interested in the storks.

Fraser, John Foster (1868-1936), “Cycling over the Caucasus Mountains,” Cassell’s Family Magazine, (November, 1897), 612-18. Fraser wrote about their crossing the mountain barrier that separated Europe from Asia.

[Fraser, John Foster (1868-1936)], “The Caucasus crossed on bicycles.  Coasting extraordinary,”

Review of Reviews, XVI (December, 1897), 732-33.

Fraser, Lunn and Lowe climbed the Kasbec Pass, riding fifty miles to the summit and then coasting eighty miles to Tiflis, which they reached after dark, having spent sixteen hours in the saddle.

Griffin, H. Hewitt. Cycles and cycling, third edition. London: George Bell & Sons, 1897.  


A how-to book which includes a chapter on women cycling by Agnes Wood (Hippolyta),

several chapters on the history of cycling, and an appendix listing the major cycling

organizations in England.

Pemberton, A. C., Mrs. Harcourt Williamson, C. P. Sisley and Gilbert Floyd. The complete cyclist. London: A. D. Innes & Co., 1897.  {24902790}

A how-to book, in which the author described Wells’ The wheels of chance as

“ludicrously accurate.”

Pennell, Elizabeth Robins (1855-1936), “Around London by Bicycle.”  Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, XCV (September, 1897), 489-510.

In this, the lead article, she focused on the literary history of the places they visited during their fall, 1896 tour.


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