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Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926) and Elizabeth Robins (1855-1936). “Twenty Years of Cycling.”  

Fortnightly Review, LXVIII old series, LXII new series (August, 1897), 191. Also

Living Age, CCXIV (September 11, 1897), 712-19 and Eclectic Magazine, CXXIX

(October, 1897), 522-29.  Also Chicago Sunday Inter Ocean, August 29, 1896, 33, 35.

The Pennells give a brief overview of their cycling experiences in Europe, designed to

encourage others to do the same.  They saw themselves as both pioneers and tramps, an

apt description.

Redmond, Edmund.  Lyra cyclus; or, the bard and the bicycle.  Rochester, NY: n.p., 1897.


Rollins, Frank West.  “New Hampshire’s opportunity.”  New England Magazine XXII (n.s.,

XVI), (July, 1897), 534-542.

Rollins believed the bicycle offered New Hampshire an excellent opportunity to expand

tourism, and encouraged the building of a road from south to north that would

accommodate bicycle travelers.

Ross, Clinton (1861-1920). The meddling hussy: being fourteen tales retold. New York: Stone

and Kimball, 1897.  {2916621}

Included in this collection of short stories are three involving bicyclists:  “Angela,” 295-

311; “The Lady of the Road;” 343-60; and “The House of the Bronze Fox,” 385-400.

Shadwell, A., “The hidden dangers of cycling,” The Living Age, CCXII (March 20, 1897), 827-834.

Cycling could have serious side effects on one’s health.  What was considered good for one individual could be harmful for someone else, but the major problem was defining moderation—people tended to cycle to excess.

Simonin, C. F. A.  A pedaller abroad: being an illustrated narrative of the adventures and

experiences of a cycling twain during a 1,000 kilometre ride in and around Switzerland.  

London: J. Caustin, 1897.  {28730230}

Workman, Fanny Bullock (1859-1925) and William Hunter (1847-1937). Sketches awheel in modern Iberia. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1897.  {6549525}

They provided detailed information on food and accommodations as well as giving readers some insight on what they might enjoy seeing.


Andom, R. (1869-) (pseudonym for Alfred Walter Barrett). Side slips, or misadventures on a

bicycle. London: C. Arthur Pearson Limited, 1898.  {13339327}

A readable collection of the author’s recollections of his cycling career in England with

his friends.  

“Cycle touring,” Chambers’s Journal, LXXV (June 25, 1898), 484-86.

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