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The authors describe the benefits of touring, citing the major riders of their time.  They conclude the only way to learn to tour is to tour.  Ignore the how-to books and go out and ride.

Eric, Allan, (pseudonym for C[harles] W. Willis, 1862- ) and The “Junior Partner.”  Following the tow-path and through the Adirondacks awheel. Boston: N.E.R.G. Publishing Co., 1898.  {{9037938}

Willis and his wife, Lillian S. M. Willis (1863-), travel by bicycle through the Mohawk Valley, the Adirondack and Lake Region and Lake Champlain.  In this, their second bicycle trip, Willis found the Erie Canal fascinating, especially the line of boats towed by one with a small steam engine.

Fraser, John Foster (1868-1936), “The finest cycling route in the world,” The Living Age, CCXVIII (August 27, 1898), 605-07. Originally appeared in Chambers’s Journal, LXXV (May 21, 1898), 395-96.

Fraser extols the beauty of India, encouraging all cyclists to take a spin on the Grand Trunk.

Johnson, Rossiter, ed. (1840-1931).  A history of the World’s Columbian Exposition, Vol. III, Ch. VII, “The transportation exhibit.” New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1898.  {3393832}

Juggins.  Cycling humours. London: Temple Press, Ltd., 1898. {51589922}

“Juggins” is an English slang term for simpleton.  This is a collection of short anecdotes and some poetry regarding the lighter side of cycling.  After five years of first hand collection, the author decided to bring the stories together in book form.

LeLong, Margaret Valentine, “From Chicago to San Francisco awheel,” Outing XXXI (February, 1898), 492-97; (March, 1898), 592-96.

Ms LeLong had lived in California before moving to Chicago and decided to return by bicycle, against the advice of friends and family.  She rode alone without incident, and in fact never saw any reason to remove her skirt and ride or appear in bloomers.  

McIlrath, H[arold] Darwin (1870-1912). Around the world on wheels for the Inter ocean:  the travels and adventures in foreign lands of Mr. and Mrs. H[arold] Darwin McIlrath. Chicago: Inter Ocean Publishing Co., 1898.  {23442762}

The McIlraths’(H. Darwin and his wife, Hattie [Harriet, 1873-] completed the longest around the world ride in the late 1890’s, riding with the sponsorship of Chicago’s Inter Ocean newspaper.  Their letters appeared regularly in the Sunday edition of the paper as well as in book form.

May, Phil (1864-1903).  Mr. Punch awheel: the humours of cycling.  London: Carmelite House,

(1898).  {5933365}

A collection of cartoons and anecdotes related to the funny side of cycling.  While many are dated, some show the timelessness of cycle humor.


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