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Fraser, John Foster (1868-1936). Round the World on a Wheel: Being the narrative of a bicycle ride of nineteen thousand two hundred and thirty-seven miles through seventeen countries and across three continents by John Foster Fraser, S. Edward Lunn (1874-) and F. H. Lowe. London: Methuen & Co., 1899.  {3486691}

The last of the “golden age of bicycling” around the world narratives, and the one which has been reproduced with the greatest frequency.  A travel magazine sponsored the trio as a promotion.

Jefferson, Robert Louis, F.R.G.S (1866-1914). A new ride to Khiva. London: Methuen and Co.,

1899. {5154045}

Following in the horse tracks on Captain Frederick Burnaby’s (1842-1885) famous ride

to Khiva, in central Asia, in 1875, Jefferson undertook the same journey by bicycle.

Jefferson, Robert Louis, F.R.G.S. (1866-1914).  “My cycle ride to Khiva,” The Wide World

Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly of True Narrative: Adventure, Travel, Customs and

Sport (London), II (April, 1899), 723-31, III (May, 1899), 93-100, III (June, 1899), 145-


An abbreviated version of the book about the ride.

Jefferson, Robert Louis (1866-1914).  “How I rode to Khiva.”  (n.d., n.p., n.p.) [1899?]

This is a twelve page pamphlet (nine pages of text) located in the National Cycle

Archives, Warwick University, Warwick, England, in which Jefferson describes his ride

to Khiva.

Jefferson, Robert Louis (1866-1914).  Through a continent on wheels. London: Simpkin,

Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd., [1899?]

A record of several rides Jefferson completed in Europe in the 1890’s.

Lemon, Joel Bunyan.  A bicyclist’s dream of the road to heaven.  Portsmouth, NH: John B.

Clarke, 1899.  {6519969}

Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926). “Cycles and cycling,” Fortnightly Review, LXXI (n.s. LXV), (January, 1899), 110-23.

Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), “The Welsh cornice,” The Contemporary Review, LXXV (April, 1899), 522-530.

In June, 1898 he toured Wales from Bangor to Carnarvon, a district he compared to the Alps for the cyclist.


Boddy, the Rev. Alexander A.  Days in Galilee and scenes in Judea. London: Gay & Bird, 1900.  {1922228}

While researching and writing a book on the life of Jesus, one reader recommended he write a book on the bicycle experiences.  On a strong Humber he rode from Jaffa to


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