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Newman, Bernard (1897-1968). The Blue Danube; Black Forest to Black Sea.  London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1935.  {3425182}

This is the first appearance of George, Newman’s bicycle companion.  Newman believed traveling by automobile would separate him from the common folk, the subject of his travels.

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968). Pedalling Poland. London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1935.  {32118565}

A travel memoir, Newman focused on the countryside and its people.  He recognized Poland’s importance, but thought the English tended to ignore the country and its people.


Newman, Bernard (1897-1968).  Albanian back door.  London: H. Jenkins, limited, 1936.  {2187510}

In 1935 Newman rode George through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia into Albania via Lake Ochrid, and then back through Montenegro to Italy where the Italians savaged George.  If Albania could have gotten ten peaceful years, Newman predicted it would become one of the great states of Europe.  Despite this overly optimistic prediction, this is a fascinating portrait of the people of Southeastern Europe.

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968).  Cycling in France (northern).  London: Jenkins, 1936.  {3497143}

More of a touring guide, this was to be the first in a series of European touring guides.  No more followed, either because of the unsettled nature of Europe on the eve of World War Two, or because the publishers felt Newman’s ride offered the same guidance in a more interesting package.


Davar, Framji Jamshedji.  Across the Sahara. London: Stockwell, 1937.  {36724583}

Hamsher, W. Papel.  The Balkans by bicycle.  London: H. F. & G. Witherby, 1937.  {35652048}

William Papel Hamsher, an English student studying at Berlin University, bought a

second hand bicycle (Elfa) and rode fifteen hundred miles through six countries, ending

his tour by spending forty days at the Greek monastery in Athos.

Hardinge, Rex (1904-).  South African Cinderella: a trek through ex-German South Africa  London: H. Jenkins Limited, 1937.  {813126}

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968).  I saw Spain.  London: H. Jenkins Limited, 1937.  {2865925}

“Two wheeling through the clouds.”  Travel (June, 1937).


Hosmer, Dorothy.  “An American girl cycles across Romania.”  National Geographic (November, 1938), 557-588.

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