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Kandiah, Eric (1912-1996).  Round the world on cycle from the Middle East to Ceylon.  Madura: C.M.V. Press, 1938.  {49821090}

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968).  Ride to Russia.  London: H. Jenkins Limited, 1938.  {6366502}

In 1937 with George in retirement Newman rode George II (A BSA Clubman’s Model) from Holland through Germany, Czechoslovakia ,and  Roumania.  Unable to take George into Russia he left him and visited Odessa and Kiev where he borrowed bicycles to explore.  Ends on the hopeful note that the people did not want war, and if it came it would only because they did not convey that idea to their leaders.


Birchmore, Fred A.(1911-).  Around the world on a bicycle.  Athens, Georgia:  University of Georgia Press, 1939.  {1571233}

As an exchange student to the University of Cologne, he bought Bucephalus in Germany, and rode through Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, returning to the United States from Vietnam.   From 1935 through 1936 he traveled twenty-five thousand miles, fifteen thousand by bicycle.

Champion, Helen Jean.  Over on the island.  Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1939.  {2988732}

She walked and then with a friend brought two used cycles and traveled the rest of the way around Prince Edward Island.  History and scenery but little on the bicycle.

Hosmer, Dorothy.  “Pedaling through Poland: An American girl free-wheels alone from Krakow and its medieval byways, towards Ukraine’s restive borderland.”  National Geographic (June, 1939), 739-775.

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968).  Baltic roundabout.  London: H. Jenkins Limited, 1939.  {967935}

Traveled in the September, 1938.  In keeping with his earlier works, this is a combination

of his "trivial encounters of the road" and interesting history/legend of the regions through which he traveled.  He focuses on "comedy--which is in keeping with my temperament."(224, 1940 revised edition)


Southcott, E. J. The first fifty years of the Catford Cycling Club. London: C. T. Foulis and

Company Ltd., (1940’s)

Robert Louis Jefferson belonged to the Catford Cycling Club.


Arnold, James. The joyous wheel.  London: Hamish Hamilton, 1940. (132pp)

Burbridge, W. F.  On rolling wheels in the west.  London: Hamish Hamilton, 1940.  {35453627}

Geist, Roland C.  Bicycling as a hobby.  New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1940.  {1493650}


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