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Since The Blue Danube was out of print, the publisher asked Newman to revisit the

region, which he did with George, who is less in evidence in this work.  Newman

describes the changes caused by communism, and the difficulties he encountered entering

Hungary (George was not admitted, but he borrowed wheels for day trips.  Given those

problems, he did not attempt to enter Roumania and Bulgaria.


Berg, Teodor L. (1939-).  Sweden and back on a bicycle: the adventures of a fourteen-year-old

traveling alone.  New York: Exposition Press, 1956.  {2530735}

After completing the eighth grade in Oregon, he went to Sweden to visit his birthplace

and travel.  In all rode over eight hundred miles, but there is little about the bicycle.

Dunham, Norman L. (1907-1966).   The bicycle in American history. Unpublished Ph.D.

dissertation, Harvard University, November, 1956.  {51731065}

Directed by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., this work examines the history and development of

the bicycle in the nineteenth century.

Kelly, Fred C.  “The great bicycle craze,” American Heritage, VIII, Dec, 1956, 69-73.

Bicycling rose to popularity in the mid-1890’s.  Its interest in small towns came from a

lack of alternative entertainment.  The craze, which offered people independence and a

means to enjoy the countryside, ended by 1900.

Palmer, Arthur Judson (1884-).  Riding high: the story of the bicycle. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1956.  {1575071}


Duncan, Shirley.  Two wheels to adventure: through Australia by bicycle.  London: Harrap, 1957.  {7541719}

In the late summer of 1909 Vic McDaniel and Ray Francisco left Santa Rosa, CA bound for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle, WA.  They rode and walked over one thousand miles to reach the fair in time to earn $25.00 and free passes.  McDaniel was the author’s father.

Elvin, Harold (1909-).  The ride to Chandigarh. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1957.  {1506350}

Traveled from Bombay on Sir Walter to the newly designed capital of the Indian Punjab.  Part of the way he rode with four young Indians.  Interesting highlights on India, its culture and history, but difficult to read.

Mason, Philip P. (1927-).  “The League of American Wheelmen and the good-roads movement,

1880-1905.”  Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan, 1957.  




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