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Johnson, Barbara Mary. Pilgrim on a bicycle. Chappaqua, New York: Christian Herald Books,

1982.  {7976995}

A Christian evangelical group completes a west to east transcontinental tour across the United States, with the participants riding in small groups.

Starrs, James E., ed.  The noiseless tenor. New York: Cornwall Books, 1982. (Reprinted 1997 as The literary cyclist).  {7947593}

A collection of classic and contemporary fiction excerpts which involve cycling.

Sutherland, Louise.  The impossible ride.  London: Southern Cross Press, 1982.  {11378445}


Clough, Neil.  Two-wheel trek: Manchester to Cape Town – by bicycle.  London: Arrow, 1983.  {10778190}

Rush, Anita.  “The bicycle boom of the gay nineties: a reassessment.”  Material History Review,

18 (1983), 1-12

Sanders, Nick (1957-).  Journey to the source of the Nile.  Glossop [England]: Sanders Pub.,

1983.  {17727226}

Savage, Barbara. Miles from nowhere. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1983.  {9830815}

A modern classic.  With her husband Larry she spent two years bicycling around the

world.  In her journal she shares the highs and lows as well as the wonder of life in the

slow lane.  Tragically, she died from head injuries sustained in a bicycle-car accident

just before publication.

Vernon, Tom.  Fat man on a Roman road: a bicycle exploration of Britain and the British from the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner of the Roman roads: Topsham to Musselburgh, the full story of the journey of the BBC Radio 4 series, Fat Man on a

Roman Road and episodes in Fat Man at Work.  London: M. Joseph, 1983.  {10877765}

As the title indicates, Vernon rode and pushed his bicycle, The Roman Philosopher, through England following the Roman Road, the Fosse Way, to meet the people and see the land.  He rode on everything from dual carriageways to metalled stream beds in the process.


Crane, Nicholas.  Cycling in Europe.  Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset: Oxford Illustrated Press, 1984.  {12554354}

Hibell, Ian (1934-2008) and Clinton Trowbridge.  Into the remote places.  London: Robinson

Books, 1984.  {11818771}

In the 1970’s he completes three bicycle journeys, the first from Tierra Del Fuego, Chile,

to Circle City, Alaska; the second from North Cape, Norway to Cape Town, South Africa;

and the third Lima, Peru to Recife, Brazil.  He went alone on the second journey, never

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