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able to connect with another rider, and with companions on the first and third. Hibell

averaged 6,000 miles a year for 40 years.  Tragically, he died in August, 2008, in

Greece, the victim of a hit and run driver.

Jackson, Keith (1955-1976).  Keith’s incredible journey.  Winston-Salem, NC: Mr. Binkley’s Printery, 1984.  {11769969}

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For her first long, independent bicycle journey, Selby chose to ride through Pakistan, India and Nepal, spending five months traveling four thousand miles by bicycle through the Himalayas.


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Following graduation from college, Duncan, his brother and a friend bicycled around the world to raise funds for Project Hope.

Graves, Clifford Lewis (1906-).  My life on two wheels: with an appendix describing the most popular tours of the International Bicycle Touring Society.  Lo Jolla, CA: Manivelle Press, 1985.  {14122943}

After graduating from medical school he entered the army and learned to ride a bicycle

in Denver, Colorado.  When posted to England he bought a bicycle and took it to France

where he used it to escape, leading his unit to safety, during the Battle of the Bulge.  

Upon return to the United States he was active in the AYH, founding the San Diego

chapter, and founded the International Bicycle Touring Society.  The book includes descriptions of some of Graves’ favorite rides

Holt, Richard. “The bicycle, the bourgeoisie and the discovery of rural France,” British Journal

of Sports History, II (September, 1985), 127-139.  {10918089}

Holt concludes “the bicycle opened up for the first time the prospect of easy rural


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At fifty she followed the route of the crusaders on her hand built wheel, Evans.  She

averaged sixty miles a day, camping across Europe, but decided that was unsafe for a


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