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Bury, Viscount [Albemarle, William Coutts Kemple] (1832-1894), and G. Lacy Hillier (1856-1941). Cycling. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1887.  {7035193}

A complete review of bicycles and tricycles, with an emphasis on racing.  Largely limited to England.

Callan, Hugh, M.A.  Wanderings on wheel and on foot through Europe.  London: Sampson Low,

Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1887.  {18148142}

Callan describes two cycle trips, from Germany to the Aegean Sea and then a ride

through the Rhine Valley.

“Cycling literature,” The Nation, 45 (July 7, 1887), 14.

A review of Stevens’ first volume of his around the world bicycle journey.

Joyce, Weston St. John (1858-).  Rambles around Dublin.  Dublin:  Printed at the Office of the

Evening Telegraph, 1887.  {35194524}

Kron, Karl [Lyman Bagg] (1846-1911), Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle.  New York:

University Building, 1887.  {9084506}

An encyclopedic account of bicycle journeys completed by Bagg and others, along with some limited biographical information on the riders.

Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926) and Elizabeth Robins (1855-1936).  An Italian pilgrimage.  

London: Seeley & Co., 1887.{2806182}

The English publication of Two pilgrims’ progress, with a different dedication and prefatory note.  The illustrations are the same, but in different locations.

Thayer, George B. (1853-1928).  Pedal and path: Across the continent awheel and afoot.  

Hartford, CT: Evening Post Association, 1887.  {20026051}

Thayer wrote a series of articles for the Hartford Evening Post describing his round trip journey from Hartford to San Francisco and back.  He rode from Hartford to Salt Lake City before taking the train to Lake Tahoe, and then rode the remainder of the way to San Francisco.  Thayer carried a bottle of water from the Atlantic, which he poured into the Pacific before returning east, a majority of the way by train.


“Around the world on a bicycle. Vol. II,” The Nation, 47, Dec 27, 1888, 526.

A review of Stevens’ second volume of his around the world bicycle journey.

Golder, S. A tandem tour in Norway.  London: Iliffe, 1888. {33811493}

Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926) and Elizabeth Robins (1855-1936).  Our sentimental journey

through France and Italy.  London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1888.  {747112}

Their third cycling book published which described the middle portion of their three

ride from England to Rome.

Stevens, Thomas (1854-1935).  Around the world on a bicycle.  Volume I.  From San Francisco


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