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Peart, Neil.  The masked rider: cycling in West Africa.  Lawrencetown Beach, NS: Pottersfield Press, 1996.  {35972632}

Lyricist and drummer for the Canadian band Rush, Peart takes a month long organized tour through Cameroon with the leader and three other riders.  Insightful, both as regards Cameroon and Peart himself, his philosophy of life and bicycling is fascinating.

Schredd, Ted.  The cycling adventures of coconut head: a North American odyssey. Vancouver: Whitecap Books, 1996.  {34832278}

Selby, Bettina (1934-).  Like water in a dry land.  London: HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.

In December, 1994 Selby set off to study the prospects for peace in the Holy Land.  

Despite the intransigence of the political leaders and their policies, she found the

common people have the ability to achieve an amicable society.

Siegert, Barbara (1932-).  Bicycle across America.  Hampton, NH: Nicolin Fields Pub., 1996.  


With her husband, she began serious long distance when they retired in their mid fifties.  In addition to five transcontinental journeys, they rode north and south on the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Mississippi.

Slaughter, Sandy and Ron and Kathryn Adcox Robinson.  Tandem times: a bicycle journey around the world, odyssey to the limits.  Bryan, TX: IME, 1996.  {34921968}

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Old Saybrook, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 1997.  {37238906}

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Johnson, Allen L.  Biking across the devil’s backbone.  Dayton, OH: Creative Enterprises, 1997.  


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