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Short essays describe his travels in India, South Africa and the Balkans.  In the latter he rode the last portion with his fiancé, ending the journey prematurely after robbers attacked them in Albania.

Wooten, David and Susan.  We’re outta here.  Nashville: Eggman, 1997.  {40349918}


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1998.  {41414777}

Garratt, Tim and Andy Brown (1959-).  Discovery road.  Bridgnorth, Salap: Travellerseye, 1998.  {40927925}

In 1996-1997 they rode across Australia, Africa and South America to circumcycle the Southern Hemisphere, 15,000 kilometers in 12 months.  They raised funds for E. F. Schumacher’s (1911-1977) (Small is Beautiful) Intermediate Technology project.  They left their world behind to see the world and find themselves.

(1933-2009).  Lone traveler: one woman, two wheels, and the world.  Shrewsbury: Swan Hill, 1998.  {42835551}

Neubauer, Bob.  Two wheels and a map: a solo bicycle journey down the East Coast.  B. Neubauer, 1998.  {42896809}

Newhouse, Brian.  A crossing: a cyclist’s journey home.  New York: Pocket Books, 1998.  {38580309}

In his late twenties Newhouse rides across America from Seattle to Maine, in part at least to earn his father’s approval.  A fascinating, introspective story in which Newhouse meets interesting riding companions, accepts salvation, and breaks up with his girlfriend.

Stilgoe, John R. (1949-)  Outside lies magic: regaining history and awareness in everyday places.

New York: Walker and Co., 1998.  {38890714}

Trout, Mike and Steve Halliday (1947-).  A journey to the heart of America.  Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Pub., 1998.  {38107222}

With his son-in-law Trout, co-host of a radio show sponsored by James Dobson’s Focus

on the Family, rides from Santa Monica, California, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, in thirty-five days.  A conservative Christian evangelist, Trout believes the “heartland” represents the true American spirit, which has been lost by the “liberal establishment.”


Andlaw, R. J. (1933-)  A trans-Iberian challenge: cycling through Spain.  Bakewell: Country Books, 1999.  {43342733}

Archibald, Marg (1946-).  Cycling into your soul.  Calgary: Monday Communications

Group, 1999.  {40735193}


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