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Moore, Tim (1964-).  French revolutions: cycling the Tour de France.  London: Yellow Jersey, 2001.  {49297590}

Inspired by Paul Kimmage and Tom Simpson, Moore rode three thousand kilometers of the 2000 Tour de France route in May and June, with his longest day  over two hundred-fifty kilometers in eleven hours.  Not a history of the Tour, he does include information on the route, the riders, contemporary and historic, and the effort that makes this the world’s most grueling sporting event.  In his epilogue he writes of the feeling of lostness after returning home to London.

(1933-2009). Two wheels in the dust: from Kathmandu to Kandyu. London: Virgin, 2002.  {48485806}

She began in January, 1992, following the route of Rama and Sita, Hindu gods, who with his monkey helper Hanuman, traveled from Janakpur, Nepal, through India to the central highlands of Sri Lanka.  Mustoe made the journey in stages over five years, linking them together from north to south, the Ramayana (Rama’s journey), rather than chronologically as she rode them.  She chose her "favourite means of transport, my well-travelled bicycle, because I value the insights that a bicycle brings. . . .  Everyone talks to a cyclist, especially in India, where the bicycle is the most common form of transport.  Sharing the road, we somehow share a fellow-feeling, that transcends barriers of race and wealth.”

Norton, Melissa.  Just the two of us.  Worcester, MA: Chandler House Press, 2001.  {49629973}

Purdum, Stan (1945-).  Playing in traffic: America from the River Niagara to the Rio Grande.

Canton, Oh:  Creative Works Publishing, 2001.  {45715052}

In his second bicycle travel book, Purdum follows U.S. 62 from Niagara Falls, New York to El Paso, Texas.  Again he completes the journey piecemeal, fitting it into a restricted vacation schedule.  This book will probably be more interesting to the novice than the experienced bicycle traveler.

Ray, Nick and Ian Duckworth (1974-).  Cycling Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia. Hawthorn, Vic.: London: Lonely Planet, 2001.  {46910119}

Southeast Asia guidebook, with emphasis on Vietnam.

Thompson, Kent.  Getting out of town by book and bike.  Wolfville, NS: Gaspereau Press, 2001.  {45485859}

Warmbrunn, Erika (1965-).  Where the pavement ends: one woman’s bicycle trip through Mongolia, China & Vietnam. Seattle WA: Mountaineers Books, 2001.  {45715835}

Winner of the Barbara Savage Memorial Award, established to encourage adventure writing.  Warmbrunn rode eight thousand kilometers between August, 1993 and April, st1994.  She rode Greene from Irkutsk, Siberia to Ulaanbaatal, Mongolia, and then Beijing, China to Saigon, Vietnam.


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