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Woodward, Gerard (1961-). August. London: Chattus and Windus, 2001.

Aldous Jones has bicycled from London to Wales in search of a holiday location for the family when he’s hit by a car, flying over the bonnet and landing in a farmer’s field.  The location is so idyllic he calls his wife to bring the kids and join him.  Over the next twenty years the family continues their August holiday despite a variety of problems.  Throughout the bicycle plays a central role in the family drama.


Buerki, Chris. 3600 miles, 19 flat tires, 7 puppies, and 4 near-death experiences. Newbury, FL:

Glanzer Press, 2002.  {50263010}

Dew, Josie (1966-). The sun in my eyes: two-wheeling east. London: George Philip, 2002.  {48883456}

Josie makes her second trip to Japan, this time spending a good deal of her time riding in rain and sometimes sleet.  As always, she remains independent, funny, and totally dedicated to camping out, regardless of weather.

Hayden, Joanne.  “Trailblazer: Dervla Murphy.”  Archives The Post.IE.  http://archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/2002/08/18/story326000.asp

A brief biographical sketch of Murphy, focusing on her activism, her cycling, and her independence.

Hayes, Kevin J.  An American cycling odyssey.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002.  


In 1887 George Nellis became the third person to ride across the United States, from Herkimer, New York to San Francisco, shaving several weeks off Thomas Stevens’ time, thus becoming the first to “race across the United States.”  Throughout this account, Hayes reports on the state of bicycle touring in the late nineteenth century.  

Mitchell, John Hanson. Following the sun: a bicycle pilgrimage from Andalusia to the Hebrides. Washington D.C.: Counterpoint, 2002.  {49283669}

He left Cadiz on the vernal equinox and rode his ancient Peugeot through Spain, France, England, and Scotland to arrive on the isle of Lewis at Callanish in time for the summer solstice.  Throughout he explored myths and legends associated with the sun.

Murphy, Dervla (1931-).  Through the embers of chaos: Balkan journeys.  London: John Murray, 2002.  {50527635}

She traveled in 1999 and 2000 to see conditions for herself, blending history with the current situation.  Throughout she traveled on Ruairi, her mountain bicycle.

Rampton, Thomas G.  Vietnam and the chaos of war: one immoral war, two revealing bicycle trips.  Nathrop, CO:  Blacktail Enterprises, 2002.  {51059114}

After a year in Vietnam as a military photographer, Rampton returned for two bicycle trips from Hanoi through Hue to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in 1998 and 1999.  Freely admitting he is not a cyclist, there is little relating to bicycle travel in Vietnam and little

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