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and on the continent.  He believed the wheel especially useful for those who led sedentary lives.

Mecredy, R[ichard] J[ames]. “Winter cycling,” Fortnightly Review, L (N.S.), LVI (O.S.), (Dec., 1891), 822-832.

Editor of Irish Cyclist, he extolled the benefits of year round cycling and offered tips on keeping warm with appropriate winter dress.

Peard, F. F.  A summer’s cycling reminiscence: the story of a three months bicycling tour

through Europe and an account of some of the impressions received.  By one of the party.

Toronto: Press of “Cycling,” [1891].  {17436774}

On wheels purchased in England, three Canadians traveled about Europe, two on

safeties and one on a high wheel bicycle.

Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), “Cycling: past, present, and future,” New Review, IV (February,

1891), 171-180.

A brief history of cycling focusing on touring and travel.


Baxter, Sylvester (1850-19270, “Economic and social influences of the bicycle,” The Arena, VI

(October, 1892), 578-583.

The bicycle stimulated American industry, provided healthy exercise, and created a demand for good roads.

Korns, L[ewis] F. The bicycle, its selection, riding and care.  Chicago: L. F. Korns, 1892.  {18485744}

A handbook which favored the safety for expanding the number of men and women riders.  Korns found the roads in Europe far superior to those in the United States.

Lenz, Frank G. (1867-1894).  “Around the world with wheel and camera,” Outing, XX (Aug., 1892), 339-346; Sept, 482-487;  XXI, Oct, 68-75; Nov, 149-156; Dec., 204-211; “Lenz’s world tour awheel,” Jan., 1893, 286-290; Feb., 378-383;  Mar, 444-449; XXII, Apr, 73-76; May, 133-335; June, 214-219; July, 306-311; Aug, 362-365; Sept, 415-419; XXIII, Oct, 49-55; Nov, 112-118; Dec, 241-248; Jan, 1894, 324-331; Feb, 383-387; Mar, 427-431; XXIV, Apr, 37-44; May, 128-135; June, 206-211; July, 284-91; Aug, 360-366; Sept, 432-439;  XXV, Oct, 35-40; Nov, 152-158; Dec, 236-243; Jan, 1895, 317-323; Feb, 417-421; Mar, 478-483,  XXVI, Apr, 57-60;  May, 143-150; June, 224-228; July, 295-300; Aug, 359-364; Sept, 467-470; XXVII, Oct, 51-55, Nov, 141-144, Dec, 226-230; Jan, 1896, 313-316; Feb, 382-387; Mar, 467-470;  XXVIII, Apr, 47-51; May, 134-139; June, 209-214; July, 295-300; Aug, 386-390; Sept, 456-462; XXIX, Oct, 57-61; Nov, 150-152; Dec, 267-271; Jan, 1897, 382-387.

The articles Lenz sent to Outing detailing his journey.  He rode alone across the United States from east to west before riding through interior China to Burma and then across India and Persia.  He left a small Kurdish village in Asiatic Turkey, only to be murdered before he reached Erzurum.  Following an investigation with attracted national


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