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A favorable comment on Allen and Sachtleben’s journey around the world.

“‘To Gipsyland,’” The Critic, XXIII (n.s. XX) (December 9, 1893), 373-74.

A critical review of the Pennell’s book.  The reviewer saw it as two books, the first a

description of their interest in the Romanies and the second a poor guide book to eastern

Europe.  Even the illustrations disappointed the reviewer.  

Yankee schoolboys abroad; or, the New England bicycle club in Scotland, England, and Paris. July-September, 1892.  Brookline, MA: C.A.W. Spencer, 1893.  {18706056}

Twelve schoolboys and two teachers made the journey.  The boys studied the political,

social and industrial conditions, and renewed their interest in English history and

literature.  Upon return they presented their articles to their classmates.


Allen, Thomas Gaskell, Jr. (1868-) and William Lewis Sachtleben (1866-1953). Across Asia on a bicycle. The journey of two American students from Constantinople to Peking.  New York: The Century Co., 1897 (1894).  {1144112}

While the pair round around the world, they only published that portion of their journey through Asia.They decided to put a practical finish to their theoretical education, having just graduated from Washington University (St. Louis) with the class of 1890.

“Bicycle riding on Riverside Drive,” Harper’s Weekly, XXXVIII (July 28, 1894), 710.

The pavement and the view made this a mecca for cyclists, with even more men and women appearing in the evening

Cole, Grenville A. J. (1859-1924).  The Gypsy Road: A Journey from Krakow to Coblentz. London: Macmillan, 1894.  {396189}

A thousand mile journey by tricycle and ordinary, in which the author and his companion rode in the wheel tracks of the Pennells.

Jefferson, Robert Louis (1866-1914). To Constantinople on a bicycle: The story of my ride.  

London: The Cycle Press [1894?].

The first of Jefferson’s epic rides.  Jefferson is one of those riders who crossed the line

between cycle travel and cycle racing.

Pennell, Elizabeth Robins (1855-1936), “Cycling,” in Ladies in the Field, ed. Beatrice Violet Greville (1842-1932). London: Ward and Downey, Ltd., 1894, 247-65.  {4980816}

Describing cycling as her amusement, she encouraged women to ride by describing her career on a tandem tricycle and then a bicycle.

Stockton, Frank (1834-1902). Pomona’s travels. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1894.  {1337041}

A series of letters written by a woman narrator who traveled to England with her husband.  They met a Mr. Poplington who suggested the three travel together by wheel.


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