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This paper describes the replication of the Nursing Stress Scale (NSS), translated into a Spanish version, as an instrument to measure the frequency of sources of stress suffered by nurses in the hospital environment. The NSS was administered to 195 nurses on a general, public hospital. Our factor analysis found nine components. Validity was determined by correlation with measures of the STAI. In addition, we studied correlation with role conflict and ambiguity, and occupational commitment


Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981, 1981b, 1983) designed an instrument to measure the frequency in which hospital nurses suffered work-related sources of stress: the Nursing Stress Scale (NSS). In their study they obtained a factor structure of 7 dimensions: Death and dying, Conflict with physicians, Inadequate preparation, Lack of support, Conflict with other nurses, Work load, and Uncertainty concerning treatment.

Other investigations about nurses stress studied some of those sources of stress: too much work, interpersonal relations and relations with hospital administration (Callaghan et al, 2000); death and dying, professional image, relations with the medical staff and physicians, emotional overinvolvement, anger, and balancing work and home demands (Kushnir et al, 1997); death and dying (Downey et al, 1995); interpersonal relations and death (Gruppy et al, 1991); work overload, relations with other staff, difficulties with critically ill patients, treatment of patients, and dealing with difficult or helplessly ill patients (Dewe, 1987). In Spain, Peiro (1994) studied job autonomy, feedback from colleagues, goal standardization, tenure, and workload as role stress antecedents; and Rieg et al (1989), as sources of stress: possibility of making mistakes, relations with physician, other nurses and administration, death and dying.

Occupational commitment has also been studied in relation with nurse stress (Omad et al, 1999; Glazer, 1999).

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