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Physical Environment:

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    Factor II: Work overload. This factor includes problems with the

amount of people and time necessary to complete tasks, and with scheduling.

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    Factor IX: Computer breakdown. This factor isolates a stressful

situation concerning computer failure.

Psychological Environment:

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    Factor III: Death. Includes those situations that involve death of

patients and the feeling of not being able to help with the emotional needs of the patients’ families.

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    Factor IV: Inadequate preparation. Includes those situations in

which appears a perceived lack of knowledge due to conflict with physician or for being asked when no answer is available, and those concerning the emotional need of patients and their families.

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    Factor V: Pain and suffer. Includes those situations in which nurses

task causes pain to patients, nurses watch patient suffer and nurses cannot do anything to help when patient doesn’t improve.

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    Factor VI: Lack of support. This factor includes the lack of

opportunities to talk, express, and share feelings.

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    Factor VIII: Mistake. In this factor are collected items related to the

probability of making mistakes, due to lack of medical information about patients, unpredictability working conditions or feeling not prepared to support emotional needs of patients.

Social Environment

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    Factor I: Uncertainty related with conflicts with physicians and

other nurses, and lack of knowledge. This factor has a large number of situations involved in the relations with physician and other nurses, that causes uncertainty in nurses (disagreements, conflicts, criticisms, no adequate information) and inadequate preparation to help emotional needs or use specialized equipment usage.

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    Factor VII: Conflict with supervisor. This factor includes been

criticized by supervisor or physician, and having conflict with supervisor.


The internal consistency obtained was Coefficient alpha of 0.92 and Standardized item alpha 0.92


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