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3 Transport

a) Car parking This affects everyone, with one third of the residents want- ing more provision. Two recommendations are made for the Parish Council and the EHDC. The introduction of residents permits for Church Street, Darvill Road and Rop- ley Dean, and the extension of parking bays in Dunsells Lane and making new ones adjacent to Town Close. b) Road safety It is recommended that the following speed limits are intro- duced:

    • Village centre 20mph

    • Petersfield Road 40mph

    • A31 Winchester Road 40mph In addition, that “black spots” should be surveyed with a view to introducing traffic calming methods. However, they must be strictly controlled so as not to be deleterious to the rural nature of the village.

  • c)


It is recommended that the Highway Authorities reviews its programme and methods (leaving cuttings and detritus) for cleaning the roadside ditches in order to reduce roadside flooding and that the Parish Council introduces a by-law prohibiting residents from tipping grass and hedge-cuttings in ditches and on verges.

A31 by the Chequers — deceptively quiet in this photo. A different story on a dark wet night at 5pm. In the foreground is the “Chequers Tree” planted on December 2nd 1999.

Ropley from the top of Stapley Lane

4 Environment

With 62% of respondents supporting re-cycling, the EHDC is requested to encourage more households to participate in their recently launched collection scheme. It is recommended that the Ropley Society works closely with the Parish Council to im- plement the actions identified in the Questionnaire to improve the environment and make the countryside more attractive. Also efforts should be made to harness the energies of more than 300 respondents who expressed their willingness to help.

The Parish Council is requested to review the survey on types of disturbances identified by the respondents in the Questionnaire and take appropriate action.

44 — Ropley at the Millennium

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